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  • How to record Petty Cash and expense against it

    From the answer: Your Petty Cash should be a separate bank account.... Use the Write Cheques window to enter any purchases paid with Petty Cash with the appropriate expense account.

  • Reconciliation back to Day 1 Needed?

    From the answer: Anything you change will now show as unreconciled.... You should be able to check them off again (as long as dollar amounts didn't change) and it should balance.

  • How do i get validation code to enable my registration process

    From the answer: You get a validation code when you purchase the QB.... But if you didn't have the validation thats not a issue.

  • Is it possible to paste multiple lines items from a spreadsheet into a Quickbooks sales order?

    From the answer: see the article on .iif... files

  • Customizing Purchase Order columns

    From the answer: This is something you should be able to do with a QuickBooks add-on.... You'd customize your PO by adding dummy columns (like Other 1 and Other 2) and naming them ListPrice and %Discount, etc.

  • Sum up the total items in invoice, sales order and packing list

    From the answer: QuickBooks Doesn't add the total quantity.... I suggest you look at a minimally priced add on from which does this.

  • how do I enter multiple sizes of the same item

    From the answer: you can do one of several things.... let's say you have T shirts in several colors and in S, M, L, XL. you can set up each size and color separately, as TShirtMRED TShirtMBLUE TSHIRTLRED  etc...where each color and size is a unique item.

  • Apply an existing credit

    From the answer: See the KB article below on how to apply a customer credit to a different job....

  • issues converting from quickbooks online to quickbooks desktop

    From the answer: Hello!  We're trying to work towards our older questions and I just got to you!... So sorry for the delayed response.

  • The font and icons are much too small easily

    From the answer: @ Peter The only thing you can do, with limited effect, is change the resolution of the monitor when you use QB, and change it back when using any other software - not an ideal solution unless you can live with the reduced resolution for all software

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