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  • Quickbooks Desktop for MAC - No Direct Connect Option

    From the answer: QB will not show a connection option that is not supported.... You have confirmed with your bank that they support QB Mac Desktop?

  • Quickbooks pc to Mac attachments help

    From the answer: Hello, .... Thank you for posting in the Community.... I can help share some information about moving attachments to your Desktop Mac company file.

  • How to post a down payment towards a land mortgage?

    From the answer: The down payment, and the loan amount are not expenses, they are part of the cost of the land   create a fixed asset type account named for the land then use that fixed asset land account as the expense (reason) for the down payment and also for the

  • reconciling undeposited funds

    From the answer: Confirm from your chart of accounts that you only have one UF account.

  • Data will not verify in Desktop for Mac. How do I fix data?

    From the answer: Welcome to the Community, .... I’m here to walk you through the steps in rebuilding your company file in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

  • Is there a way to manually enter payroll in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2019

    From the answer: Hi,  ZempelInsurance.... Entering the payroll information manually is also available in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

  • i created invoices for my customers, marked them paid and still a lot of them don't show on my profit and loss report

    From the answer: "Deposits" will never show on P&L (Income Statement), which is Revenue and Expenses only.... Deposits are debit entries to Cash account, which is on the Balance sheet.

  • QB Server for MAC

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Thanks for coming to the Community for help.... I've got just the steps you need to fix this issue right away.

  • Reports - Profit & Loss by Class

    From the answer: It's nice to see you here, ,   I appreciate your time checking this with us.... I can help you with your Profit and Loss report.

  • Transferring company

    From the answer: Let's find the .dmg... file first so we can load it in your QuickBooks 2019, Brin4god.... QuickBooks for Mac automatically creates a disk image file ( .dmg ) when you back up the company file.

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