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  • I need to amend taxes for children employees for last year.

    From the answer: Hello there,  dminotti , We can correct your payroll, however, amending the forms can only be done outside Intuit Online Payroll.

  • i want to open a cancelled client how should i do it

    From the answer: Hello there,  yearroundtax ,  Let's go to your client's account and reactivate it.... When it's a standalone payroll under Intuit Online Payroll, you can open it once you're an authorized user and you still has your log in credentials.

  • Email Change

    From the answer: Hi,  tkc1970 .... I'd be glad to help point you in the right direction regarding changing the email address for direct deposit.

  • new employee

    From the answer: You can pay them from any location.... However, you need to withhold the appropriate taxes and pay unemployment to the state worked in.

  • QB incorrectly calculated Oregon WBF tax

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Thank you for providing us the steps you've tried.... I can help you fix the incorrect calculation of Oregon WBF tax on your employees paychecks.

  • entered incorrect bank acct in direct deposit setup

    From the answer: Hi there,  tombrannon75.... The option to change the bank account is only available if the account is already verified.

  • why my payroll taxes are not working for 1 employee?

    From the answer: Hi there, .... It's nice to have you in the Community.... Let me help share some information about running payroll in QuickBooks with no tax item showing on the paycheck.

  • State and Federal W4s

    From the answer: Hi there, PeggyOliviaSmith.... Federal and state withholdings are calculated separately based on the employee's W4 information, including the number of allowances.

  • payroll taxes have stopped computing

    From the answer: Let's get your payroll taxes working as it was before, .... Here are the checklists to ensure your payroll is calculating taxes accurately : Run payroll checkup to verify the setup of employee information and payroll items, The total salary or wage excee

  • we paid our subscription on account *1163 / reference number P1-46847289 and it is still telling us to reactivate subscription. Can some one fix this for us, or call us at [removed] Kathy

    From the answer: Kathy, no one from Intuit will call you.... I don't use Payroll, but you should be able to contact them from within your QBO.

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