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  • How do I locate my quickbooks download file?

    I downloaded my QuickBooks.exe file but I don't know how to find it to begin the installation.

  • Payments

    From the answer: Hello @Dwilsonhope,   I personally want to address your concern with the customer's payment you're not able to receive.

  • Chicago Minimum Wage and adjusting for tips

    From the answer: Hi there, ChicagoRestAcct ,   Thanks for visiting the Community for assistance.... I'm here to help share information on how to record tips on your employees.

  • How do you turn off people paying through quickbooks self employed?

    From the answer: Thanks for posting your question in the Community,,... I’d be happy to answer your post.... If you're referring to your customers paying their invoices online, then, you have the option to turn off online payment.

  • Can I produce a report of business mileage for tax purposes?

    From the answer: Hello, asmithals3, I can share a report that you can pull up for your Business Mileage.... One of the reports available in QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) is the Mileage log report.

  • iPhone app

    From the answer: Hi, Henryww3.... This might have been triggered by a corrupted file components in your QuickBooks.... To fix this, let’s try to clean your app data.


    From the answer: hi @ GS PHX , What kind of error notification did you get? DId you install on Win 7?

  • Moving Quickbooks Accountant Clients to Show as a Company when loggin in

    From the answer: There's definitely a way to do that, ChurchFinances.... You can let your client remove you as an accountant from their company file.

  • user access

    From the answer: We can limit a user to selected areas of QuickBooks Desktop by changing their access rights, BBQ-Hut.

  • User Access for their invoices only

    From the answer: I'll share information about user access in QuickBooks,  Zaphel .... You can use the Standard user option so you can limit your user's access.

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