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  • We are currently using Quick books online, but I would like to switch to Quick book desktop. How can I do that?

    From the answer:

  • Chart of Accounts/Vendors

    From the answer: Hi smash130,   Instead of creating accounts for each department, you might want to consider using the Class tracking feature instead.

  • Import/export CSV files

    From the answer: First turn them into IIF files, which can be imported as new transactions directly in your bank , credit card, and other registers.

  • how to get QuickBooks products or services

    From the answer: It's nice to have you in the Community, diana-gonzalez01,   Let me get the help you need about Products or Services.

  • Efile enrollment

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Let’s re-submit your e-filing enrollment request to get another PIN.... Let me guide you how.

  • Payroll program usage teminated July 2018 received notice of charge for renewal this month. Need to reverse charge to credit card $650.00.

    From the answer: Hello, .... Thanks for sharing your concern with us today.... Let me get you in touch with someone from the right support team.


    From the answer: Hello there, .... I appreciate you taking the time posting in the Community.... I'd be happy to help share the steps adding the 3% credit card fee to match your deposit and bank statement.

  • payroll

    From the answer: Good to have you here in the Community,  stevetull .... Welcome to the Community.... Let's get your payroll support canceled.

  • Can I print out 2019 W-2s yet

    From the answer: Yes, they've been available since January when they were due.... They're long overdue now.

  • Simple way to auto-generate an inventory report once per day?

    From the answer: Yes you can set up an automatic or scheduled report.... The two links I include cover first, customizing reports in QB desktop and second (also accessible link from first) details on precisely setting of a scheduled report.

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