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  • How to process foreign transaction fee?

    From the answer: Hello Scottman,   You can record the foreign transaction fee as Credit Card Charge .... Use the charge item and enter the total amount converted to USD.

  • List of open tasks

    From the answer: I believe the Icon bar location is under the View drop down menu on both the Mac and the PC.

  • What's the best way to track funds from a grant? I started a beginning balance using general ledger. I also set up a class for the fund. Now what?

    From the answer: Fund accounting in QuickBooks is tricky and requires many entries.... The first entry is a deposit to income using the grant class.

  • Can I print a report of adjusted journal entries from 2018?

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Welcome to the Community.... I can help you print the Adjusting Journal Entries report in QuickBooks for Mac.

  • Remove vendors in Timesheets?

    From the answer: Hello and welcome aboard to the Community, bmike.... It would be my pleasure to answer any question you may have about time sheets.

  • Quickbooks Desktop for Windows 2013 to Quickbooks for Mac 2019

    From the answer: I'm glad you reached out,  brockpinder .... Good news!... You can update your QuickBooks 2013 company to 2019 without paying for it.

  • delet a company from gb desk top for mac 2019

    From the answer: Hi, .... Let me help delete a company from QuickBooks Mac.... Here's how:    In your QuickBooks, open the Company file that you want to delete.

  • 1099 payments mixed with other payments

    From the answer: Ok, so, I figured some of this out but am still curious as to why or how.... I had accidentally changed the threshhold for reporting of non-employee compensation.

  • How to Reconcile Small PayPal Verify Bank Deposits

    From the answer: Hi  ,   I always enter those deposits in the Make Deposits screen and use the account Other Income.... When banks make deposits to verify and then they later withdraw the funds, I use a Reimbursable Expense account to record the deposit.

  • 2019 Quickbooks

    From the answer: Hello,  Fridolfson Rentals .... Let me help you with exporting your QuickBooks for Mac to QuickBooks Online.

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