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  • Profit and Loss is not showing Income

    From the answer: Hi there, .... Thanks for posting here in the Community.... I'd be pleased to provide you with some details about why your income is not showing on your Profit and Loss.

  • Assign unique journal entry number when copying a journal entry

    From the answer: Hi there, SERJGroup.... The Make a copy function will literally copy all information including the JE number.

  • "Ending Balance on "write check" screen does not match ending balance on "register"

    From the answer: Have you tried Rebuilding the Database?... (File; Utilities; Rebuild Data)   And do you show the correct balance in the Chart of Accounts or does it show the balance that is in the Write Check window?

  • vendors address changed

    From the answer: No, not really.... The only way an address will 'stick' on existing transactions is if it is made unique for that transaction, because that is the only time it is actually saved with the transaction.

  • Customers Names List

    From the answer: You can connect the job to the customer in the job's information window, CHRISTALMACK.... Go to the Customer Center and double-click on the job's name.

  • FEDEX Shipping Manager

    From the answer: Hello, .... Thanks for bringing this to our attention.... I'm here to help route you to the right support that can isolate this issue further.

  • Autopay Vendors

    From the answer: Hello sharonwatkins9,   Welcome to the Community.... It would be my pleasure to help you with any questions you may have with 1099 independent contractors in QuickBooks Online.

  • Update billing and subscription details

    From the answer: I'm here to help you access your QuickBooks successfully, .... To access your QuickBooks successfully, make sure that you've updated the correct billing profile in the Customer Account Management Portal Site (CAMPS) .

  • License and product number

    From the answer: When you go through the install process, do you not get a screen that asks you for both?

  • Quick Conversion Reference - Converting from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online

    From the answer: Hi there, .... Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us here in the Community.... I'd be glad to help check why your QuickBooks does not update tax information.

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