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  • License Number Invalid for QuickBooks Desktop purchased in a Retail Store (POSA)

    From the article: If you receive an error message stating that your license number is invalid for a QuickBooks desktop version, please contact our Customer Service team at 800.446.8848.

  • 1099 Vendor does not show on the 1099 Summary Report

    From the article: When running a 1099 Summary Report (Reports > Vendors & Payables > 1099 Summary), the vendor you selected for 1099 does not appear.

  • Email forms in QuickBooks Mac Desktop

    From the article: You can email any of your forms directly from QuickBooks Desktop Mac.... The form is saved as a PDF file and attached to an email message which is sent using your default email program.

  • Set up and print 1099s (Mac)

    From the article: This article describes the process of properly setting up QuickBooks to print 1099 Misc forms.... It also lists common issues you may encounter when running the 1099 Wizard and printing forms.

  • Unable to print checks or invoices (Mac)

    From the article: QuickBooks stores individual print settings for each type of form you print in a file.... You may be unable to print if this file becomes damaged.

  • VIDEO: Handling Bounced Checks

    From the article: Instructional video in Handling Bounced Checks     SLN90002

  • Accountant's copy and QuickBooks Mac Desktop

    From the article: Customers using QuickBooks for Windows have an option to send a part of their data file (Accountant's copy) to their Accountant to use in QuickBooks Accountant Edition.

  • How users and passwords work in QuickBooks Mac Desktop

    From the article: There are 3 instances QuickBooks Mac Desktop would require you to enter a password: Permissions - replace the Admin and Data Entry passwords.

  • Critical Notice: The QuickBooks Desktop Client Collaborator feature is being discontinued

    From the article: On June 30th, 2017, the Client Collaborator feature in QuickBooks Desktop will be discontinued.... After this date, you will no longer have access to this feature or to any of the conversations that were held using it.

  • Update QuickBooks Mac Desktop

    From the article: Periodically, QuickBooks Desktop software updates are available for download externally (from the QuickBooks web site) or internally (through your software).

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