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  • Deleted payroll check accidentally

    From the answer: Hi there, .... Glad to have you here in the Community.... I'd be happy to help share some information on how you can recreate paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • saving file from qb for mac 2019 to windows for my accountant. the save to windows that was in 2016 is no longer available in 2019

    From the answer: Hello there,  sparkyed .... I'm glad you came here for support.... Let's get this taken care of.... Allow me to guide you through the steps on how to prepare save file from QuickBooks Desktop for Mac for your accountant.

  • Newly purchased software

    From the answer: Hi   :   Call Intuit sales and ask for a refund and purchase the QB Mac version if you want to use QB Mac desktop.

  • How do you record a payment that is less than a refund?

    From the answer: Hi there,  blanca garcia .... It's a pleasure to have you join us here in the Community.... I'm by no means an accounting professional, but I do have some insight to provide that can help get you on the right track.

  • error code (-6176,0)

    From the answer: Hey there, .... Helping you to get past the error code (-6176,0) that you received is my priority.... Let's get this sorted out.

  • w2 & w3

    From the answer: Hi sssllc,   QuickBooks saves the current forms in the program.... You'll want to pull up a report in QuickBooks and download the form W2 for 2017 from the IRS website.

  • Trying to file tas form, but says I've already filed it (efile)

    From the answer: Let's ensure that you're filing for the correct period, Loriat.... When you select a wrong period for filing your tax forms electronically, you'll most likely get errors like this.

  • Error 9645

    From the answer: Thank for bringing this to our attention, hoekma.... There are different reasons why you  encounter the Unrecoverable error.

  • Setting up for Success With QuickBooks Online

    From the answer: Just like anything else, the rent you pay is an expense, the rent you collect is income, I would create an income account called rental income and post it to that   on the P&L income is reduced by expense to get net profit

  • Limit User Access

    From the answer: Hi  michellepete ,   The ability to create a role list to a user is unavailable in the Premier version.

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