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  • My online QB does not allow me to select "prepare 1099s". How do I get these printed since the e-file deadline has lapsed?

    From the answer: Hello   :   You can try using a another app service like track 1099.... Or you can print them out by getting the forms at Staples.

  • Check funding approval form based on bill received

    From the answer: Hello ,   Currently, the option to generate and print custom expenses is unavailable.... In the meantime, you can continue uploading your modified form preference.   I recommend sharing this idea to our product engineers through feedback.

  • Why will my bank account no longer sync with quickbooks? it states that the account is already linked and therefore does not allow me to sync it.

    From the answer: Welcome to the Community,  jenpraternv .... Let's get your bank account connected.... Which bank account are you referring to?

  • Why can't I change the name of my company on the online quickbooks?????

    From the answer: Probably because that is the company name your account will be billed to by Intuit.

  • Make automatic Credit Card Payment transfers

    From the answer: You can click on the transaction from the bank feed and select add instead of transfer them select the payee which is the vendor you are paying, if the payee/vendor not the just type the name and click add, of course this will only work if you don't

  • How do I import my bank statements into quickbooks? They are all PDF format.

    From the answer: You will have to convert them to CSV or go through download from bank again and get them in CSV format

  • Printing voucher checks

    From the answer: Let's work together to achieve a perfect result when you print your check, jwp444.... In QuickBooks Online we can do the fine-tune alignment for the check amount.

  • 1099 file

    From the answer: Hello there, @Vesta .... You’ll be happy to know that you can still submit additional 1099 forms after e-filing.

  • reconciling advance payments

    From the answer: Hello there,  GolfNut72 .... Let's get this sorted out.... Deposits are treated as a liability although your business is holding the money from a retainer, it doesn't belong to you until it's used to pay for services.

  • Never mind.

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