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  • where is the find feature?

    From the answer: They have "Search" feature rather than "Find" feature like on Desktop.... Click the spy glass (located at the middle of homepage screen) (See attached screen picture for example purpose) If you are new to QBO or need some help, this instructional video m

  • How i can get Company Id using Quickbook API

    From the answer: This page will describe how to get the CompanyID.... For the API requests there are two options towards the end of the article:

  • record deposits

    From the answer: Hey, afussle!... It's super easy to enter deposits in QuickBooks Online, you aren't going to believe you missed it!

  • How to import templates onto quickbook online.

    From the answer: Sorry, QBOE uses only the one template and you cannot import any templates.

  • cash register receipts

    From the answer: Hi julieastalnok,  We do have a way you can enter the different funds on a daily sales receipt.... Here's a link with information on how to set this up.

  • quickbooks balance

    From the answer: Wow whippedbites  First of all I am so sorry your reply got lost in the mix!... This may depend on how soon the bank info is made available to be downloaded.

  • how to Wipe data?

    From the answer: Hi RandyHuebner,  Your account tier precludes you from being able to wipe your account data.... I would suggest deleting all your transactions one-by-one or cancel this company and start a new one.

  • how do I turn on my merchant services?

    From the answer: Hello kirkhammotorspor!... Click the name of your company (top right corner of your internet browser) Click "Company Settings" located beneath the column entitled "Settings".

  • how do i edit a transaction?

    From the answer: Hi Endspec_VP,  You can delete the additional entry by opening the entry, clicking more (bottom middle) and delete.

  • Chart of Account Type and Detail Type listing

    From the answer: Hi Drgcohen!... If you want to change the Chart of Account Type and Detail list, just click on: 1.   Gear, Chart of Accounts.

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