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  • Add contractors or vendors when preparing 1099s

    From the article: If you pay outside consultants or contractors above a certain amount—a threshold of $600—you're required to file 1099s for them with the IRS.

  • What is reconciling?

    From the article: When you reconcile an account, you compare the beginning balance and transactions listed in your QuickBooks Online company file with your monthly bank or credit card statements to make sure they match.

  • How to merge accounts, customers, and vendors

    From the article: In QuickBooks Online, you can easily merge accounts, customers, or vendors.... This is helpful if you want to have a single representation in your Chart of Accounts or in your financial reports.

  • How to delete a bill

    From the article: There are several ways to locate and delete a bill in QuickBooks Online.... You can delete a bill from the Bill window, to enable you to review the details of the transaction.

  • What is the difference between bills, checks, and expenses?

    From the article: For bills to be paid later, use  Bill , then Pay Bills .... For expenses to be paid immediately or that have already been paid, use  Check or  Expense depending on how you made the payment.

  • What isn't imported when you move from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online?

    From the article: Most of your QuickBooks Desktop company data will come with you when you move to QuickBooks Online, but there is some information that won't be imported during the conversion process: Reconciliation reports Recurring credit card charges Reports Audit

  • Inventory links and resources

    From the article: Her are links for additional questions you may have about inventory.... If you are using QuickBooks Online Simple Start/Simple Start or Essentials and don't have inventory in QuickBooks Online: Can I track inventory manually?

  • How to create a mailing list using the Contact List report

    From the article: Quickly create a mailing list using the Contact List report in QuickBooks Online.... When you export the contact list report to Excel, you can then use the mail merge template in MS Word to create a mailing list.

  • How to import customer or vendor contacts from Outlook, Excel or Gmail

    From the article: Importing your customer and vendor contacts from Outlook, Excel, or Gmail can be done easily in a few simple steps.

  • How to enter a bounced check using a journal entry

    From the article: You can record a bounced check using a journal entry.... Recording a bounced check using a journal entry requires several steps, each outlined below.

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