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  • Difference between "Accepting" an estimate and "Copying to New Invoice" ??

    From the answer: If you think you will use the same estimate a number of times you should add it to your Memorized Transactions list.

  • Does Quickbooks Online with Mac OX Mavericks -- It is hanging a lot.

    From the answer: I have Mavericks and am not having a crashing problem.... I would not think that it is Quickbooks per se but rather the Browser.

  • how do I delete a payroll

    From the answer: zinniawellness,  We all have to delete things sometimes.... You can delete a paycheck by going to the employee screen, choosing the employee name, view the paycheck list, select the paycheck you would like to delete and select the delete button.

  • payroll setup with QB Online (trial)

    From the answer: Here is a screenshot of the help topic and my dashboard

  • I have quickbooks pro can I import data to QB online

    From the answer: Hi riabell72!... I'm making assumption here that you'd be using the Canadian version of QuickBooks Online.

  • how do I code credit card payments from bank to credit card

    From the answer: Hi paula!... Since you're using QBO Simple Start - you won't have the option to put expenses in and pay them later.

  • Need to change product description

    From the answer: Hi vziernicki!... Sorry you're having trouble finding your Product & Services lists.... Sometimes things aren't easy to find - because they're easy to "mess up"!   Here's how to edit them: 1.  Click on the "gear" icon in the upper right-hand corner 2.  Click

  • can you print the received partial payment on invoice

    From the answer: When you print an invoice that has been partially paid, it will indicate payments received and then the net amount due beneath that.

  • recording prepaid expenses

    From the answer: See if there is any help in this support article,

  • Can a reconciled transaction be edited?

    From the answer: Can't fix years ago with discussing it with your accountant.... If it happened this yea, my above answer stands for me.

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