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  • Unapplied Bill Payment Check

    From the answer: Hi there,  SwTrinity .... I'd be happy to help you apply the bill payment check to the right bill.... I agree with you.

  • How to get my 3 seats of Quickbooks Pro Desktop functioning on a network properly?

    From the answer: You can set up a multi-user network and make your wife's computer as the host computer, WWuertz.... To turn on hosting: Click File , then Utilities .

  • Social Security and Medicare Deductions are not being deducted on paychecks

    From the answer: This means your YTD tax if off and QB is "catching up", in this case by calculating 0.00 tax.... Verify this using the Payroll Detail Review report, where you can focus on the wagebase for SS and Medicare and you'll likely see the wages YTD outstrip the

  • Logging out of Quickbooks vs Quit Quickbooks

    From the answer: That's news to me.

  • The written dollar amount on checks all runs together. New problem after "upgrade" to QB for Mac 2019.

    From the answer: Hello there, ,   I have the troubleshooting steps for you to fix the dollar amounts and numbers when writing checks.

  • Adding Payroll

    From the answer: How are you adding payroll and what version of QuickBooks?

  • user access

    From the answer: No there is not

  • charitable contribution

    From the answer: Hello      To record a product and services donation, you'll need to follow these steps in this order, which we'll walk you through below: Create an invoice for the products or services you donated.

  • 1099 Misc Box 17

    From the answer: Hi ,   Currently, there isn't an option to automatically pre-fill your 1099 Misc forms with the State ID number.

  • payroll taxes not deducted suddenly

    From the answer: Hi, .... Thank you for sharing your experience while working with QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.... I'm here to help fix and check this further for you to allow taxes to calculate correctly.

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