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  • Can I use the Quickbooks POS to track Inventory only and NOT send inventory adjustments to the Financial File?

    From the answer: If you change your account mapping in POS (File > Preferences > Company > Accounts) so the Asset account for your inventory items is Cost of Goods Sold instead of Inventory, the journal entries will no longer be created.

  • How do I clear out the merchant service deposits already in Quickbooks desktop 2016

    From the answer: Good day, SVone .... Let's get this sorted out.... If your payment was deposited manually prior to using Record Merchant Service Deposits, here's how to fix that up: Find the deposit in the Merchant Service Center , and see which other transactions it combin

  • problems starting pos v11 on windows 10

    From the answer: It is possible the Intuit entitlement services are not started.... Press the Windows logo button + R, and type in services.msc

  • How can I delete historical payroll data I entered in for the wrong company?

    From the answer: At the bottom of each transaction, click on More > Delete.

  • Does deleting items from inventory in POS cause issues with reporting?

    From the answer: It will remove them from the items list, but they will still show on historical reports.... When an item is deleted in POS, it does not actually delete the item.

  • how do I send manual paycheck to viewmypaycheck?

    From the answer: Hi jysepcpa, After creating you paycheck, you can go to your   File>Print Form>Pay stubs to have your Select Pay Stubs screen.

  • iPP350 EMV Smart Chip Reader not working

    From the answer: IPP350 on V12 will enable to you have EMV capability once supported.... But that is not the case yet.... You don't have to do anything more as of now.

  • Why is the Company Operations screen looping and not allowing me to log into Point of Sale?

    From the answer: We are aware of an unexpected issue with Point of Sale (version 10 and above) which causes the Company Operations screen to loop continuously and prevents users from being able to log in.

  • how to enter adjustment checks

    From the answer: It would depend on a few factors on how you can enter back dated paychecks.... Generally, you can just go to the Create Paychecks then change the Pay Date to what you want to enter.

  • Physical Inventory Process/Hand Count

    From the answer: You are better to put the worksheets together before entering the quantities, otherwise you may overwrite one count with another.

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