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  • Can I download transaction history from GoPayment?

    From the answer: Sooo... Are you operating as a standalone on your mobile, or is this synced to your QB POS?... If you are linked to POS, then the sales receipts from GoPayment actually show up right on your POS, as if you checked them out at your cash register.

  • GoPayment - Centrally managing Inventory

    From the answer: Hi abbie, the Go Payment app itself does not track inventory quantities.... If you were to connect it to our POS 2013 software however you can sync the items from POS up to the cloud and then down to any devices that have go payment.

  • Can I use my laptop instead of a mobile device? If so, which app do I download? Thank you.

    From the answer: Jennie, At the moment, GoPayment application is not available on a Windows Operating System, only for Android and iOS.

  • Canadian Zip Code?

    From the answer: Try using your business zip code.

  • Can I deposit to two different checking accounts?

    From the answer: One merchant account has one deposit account.... If you need more than one deposit account you'll need more than one merchant account.

  • printing detailed receipts from gopayment- export to Excel

    From the answer: TinaAnn, The GoPayment app will allow you to view the transaction history and email receipts to a customer but does not have the sales reports you are looking for.

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