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  • delete payroll check from a prior period

    From the answer: Hello cjenine, In this situation it would be best to speak with customer support directly.... Since this is specific to your account, it would be best for us to review and disucss correction options and verify if their will be any tax/form issues.

  • Where do I calculate and pay my FUTA (Federal Unemployment) Tax Deposit?

    From the answer: I was having problems too with this and finally found you have to be in the right tab in the Payroll Center.

  • can I change a payroll date

    From the answer: Hi Pollykosyla- I'm so sorry about the Payroll date passing, but you can enter just Regular Checks.... For Direct Deposit, we need 2 days before the checks are to be Deposited to process Payroll, so that's why the date was showing 1/13/14.


    From the answer: Hi Misgen3- I'm able to pull up your information, and it looks like you need to confirm your Direct Deposit test amount (less than $1.00) we deposited and withdrew from your account.

  • A month ago it stated we could have a trial 30 day for payroll. We have never used payroll in QB, nor do we intend to do so, yet our credit card was just charged. Please advise.

    From the answer: Hi jhoedel- I'm so sorry your credit card was charged.... I have refunded the amount you were charged, and you should see this back on your Credit Card in a few days.

  • I am self employed and paid commission from 2 companies how do I pay our taxes to the federal and state governments?

    From the answer: The program will show you how the business is doing so you can evaluate this as part of your overall financial activity and how it affects your personal taxes for your overall life issues.

  • QBO time tracking vendors

    From the answer: If the online version is anything like the desktop versions time entries assigned to customer/jobs are available from the time/cost option when invoicing customers not bill entries.

  • use time data to create paychecks

    From the answer: Hi cmaccenter!... When you use either the single activity or weekly timesheets the hours you enter in will automatically flow over and be filled in when you hit the Run Payroll option.

  • How can I change the date of a paycheck that was already printed?

    From the answer: Hi.... I use QuickBooks Pro 2011....not sure if the instructions are the same for you, but I would go to my check register and locate the check I need to change.

  • New QBO and Changing Employee information including birthdate

    From the answer: Hi Bogart123- We're really glad to have you here in the New QuickBooks!... To change the birth date, we're going to have to finish the Set Up Process.

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