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  • How do I file new-hire report with the state? (Texas) It was easy using Intuit payroll but I dont see the option here

    From the answer: Try Employees, To-Do

  • pre-tax payroll deductions

    From the answer: Deductions are quick and easy, this article will show you how to enter both pre and post tax deductions.

  • assign jobs to employees

    From the answer: Hi Fernando,  Quickbooks Online doesn't have a Job tracking feature; it does, however, have a class tracking feature which can be used the same way as a job.

  • Must an independent contractor provide a tax I.D. number?

    From the answer: Yes.... If he refuses, you may be required to start withholding money from payments to him.... Have you sent him a W-9?

  • hello, can someone assist me

    From the answer: This is a mostly volunteer forum, but if you ask specific questions someone may be able to help.

  • How do I get payroll to enter into the payroll accounts I created, and not its own.

    From the answer: Hi c_morgan1976!... You can update your payroll accounting preferences by clicking on your Company Name in the top right > from that drop down select Payroll Settings > on the next page select Accounting under Preferences.

  • Do owners have to pay taxes the same as employees? Aren't they exempt from certain taxes?

    From the answer: Yes. No. Owners pay the same taxes, but the taxes aren't witheld from their "Paycheck" becasue they aren't paychecks.

  • How do i record distributions to members of an LLC on quick books online?

    From the answer: @ dirt it depends, an LLC is not recognized by the IRS, what matters is how you are taxed?... are you taxed as a sole-P, a partnership, or a sub chapter S? distributions - are you asking about distributing last years net profit (retained earnings)?

  • Texas does not pay a state tax. How do I move past this screen, when setting up your company, in QuickBooks?

    From the answer: Roxanne, When you are setting up payroll taxes and selected TX as the business location or a work location, it will ask for your TX account number and your SUI (State Unemployment Insurance) rate.

  • how do I set up Cafeteria plans

    From the answer: Hi Palmhero!... I would be happy to help you set up a Cafeteria Plan for your business: 1.  Click Employees tab from the left pane and click any of the employee's name who will be getting the plan.. 2.  Click the pencil icon beside Pay .

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