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  • Inventory Assemly in Premier Manufacturing and Wholesale.

    From the answer: Thank you for the reference to my blog, Woody.... Ayache, you might look at this article:

  • No company file is open

    From the answer: You cannot work with an Accountant's copy file in QB Pro.... You need QB Accountant to open & convert it.

  • Parent and sub credit card accounts - how to get an accurate balance in sub account?

    From the answer: Dynamic Signs - did you ever figure this out?... Having the same problem here.

  • When is the Sales Tax credited if a deposit & the invoice are in different months?

    From the answer: 1. check with the state comptrollers office and find out if sales tax should be collected on the sale at the time a deposit is taken, or if sales tax should be a part of the deposit - doubtful that will be the case but it pays to check, all of us liv

  • Cannot import Accountant's copy

    From the answer: Hi danny, I hope you are doing great this Monday morning!... The error indicates that the Accountants Copy File Transfer Service does not see a matching file waiting for download for one of the following reasons: Either the accountant's or the client's i

  • Expensing reimbursements to 1099 Contractors

    From the answer: "it would result in the same expense being deducted by both the organization and the contractor."... That is correct.

  • Do landlords need to file 1099s?

    From the answer: Copied from : 1.... I thought the rules requiring landlords to issue 1099s were repealed.

  • Printing 1099s using QB 2012 and 2013

    From the answer: It's amazing that they would even think one should issue handwritten 1099's!... For my company, that's over 50..................The intuit community needs to let them know ...

  • How to create a pass-through expense account in Quickbooks

    From the answer: We pay expenses for each of our client cases.... When I cut a check I charge them to our account and sub account: 'Case Costs: Reimbursable Expenses.'

  • Question for Intuit - VAT Flat Rate Scheme

    From the answer: So we are saying that the best way to deal with calculating flat rate VAT is to ignore the product we already paid for and purchase a new one.

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