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  • End of year Owner's Draw to Retained Earnings, Owner Equity, or let it accumulate?

    From the answer: QB really messed things up for a sole-p IMO.... For a sole-p QB uses retained earnings as the owner equity account, it does not do this any other kind of business organization.

  • Why aren't Billable Expenses showing up on Profit & Loss Statement?

    From the answer: Question No. 1:  Shouldn't the $1,200 for materials be shown under Billable Expenses rather than Income on the P&L?

  • Remote Access for Accountant

    From the answer: Not your complete answer I have a friend who has QB 2014 Plus on a machine.... When there are 4 users.... When someone is working on QB.  the "lost of control"  only applies on the machine which is being used as the log in machine.

  • How to link Square Payments to an Income Account?

    From the answer: square is a payment type, it does not associate with income the items you sell post to the income accounts

  • Back Charge from Customer

    From the answer: One way would be to issue a credit memo - on apply to Job # 123 then when the contractor pays the invoices net of the charge back, apply the credit memo.

  • Ho do I change the default "deposit to " options on a Sales Receipt

    From the answer: when you record a sales receipt, the funds are posted to undeposited funds then you use make deposits on the home page and select which bank type account to deposit those funds to Items control which P&L or balance sheet accounts are posted to.

  • Get started with QuickBooks

    From the answer: You will select Credit Card Account, setup as CREDIT CARD type (liability account) from drop-down.... By selecting this account, it will record the payment and will reduce the credit card balance.

  • IntuitSyncManager.exe Entry Point Not Found

    From the answer: Hi aignacio!... Good day! :) I have encountered this issue from my clients and I was able to resolve it by using this article.

  • credit card charges & expenses?

    From the answer: You'll need to look at the accounting on the other charges, to see the account type used on them.... It could be they are using balance sheet accounts.

  • Packing Slips.....again

    From the answer: Use the Sales Order Fulfillment worksheet (under the C ustomers Menu).... Check the box for the Customer/Order number at the top section of the worksheet.

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