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  • How do I apply credits to an invoice using Discounts and Credits?

    From the answer: Hi jerry.wd.123,... To apply the credits to an invoice using Discounts and Credits, we can do the following task: Choose Customers > Receive Payments .

  • How do you transfer fixed assets from one company to another company at NBV?

    From the answer: Definitely, not to Equity account.... Normal entry would be the following for this type of transactions: On Seller's books, for example: Fixed Assets (purchased price at cost) ==> Credit ===> $10,000 Depreciation Expense (for current year, bring it up to

  • How do I change opening balance?

    From the answer: Go to Vendors menu > select Vendor Center > select Vendor on right side of the screen under vendor information, you will notice opening balance entered as bill type.

  • Enter manually bank statements

    From the answer: "I want to enter manually the statements from last year" You don't enter statements; you enter transactions.

  • Where in the Chart of Accounts does the Tax Refund go?

    From the answer: What is the tax filing entity of the business?... If sole proprietor, it would go to an equity account if you are putting the money back into the business account.

  • Bank account and Accounts Payable account

    From the answer: First - i would enter "virual" check to clear the accounts payable of the "paid receipts"  then make an entry to zero out the bank balance.

  • how to restore backup file for mac

    From the answer: Ok the support article is not correct.... Quickbooks>preferences>backup will only allow you to set your preferences and determine the folder where your backup resides.

  • Cost of Goods Sold

    From the answer: Cost of Goods Sold ( COGS) is a specialized account in QuickBooks used to track the cost of Inventory Items that have been sold.

  • Emailing reports directly from QuickBooks

    From the answer: All three of those options are in your program.... Go to Edit menu > Preferences, Send Forms, and look how you set up this function.

  • How do you tell quick books to accept credit and debit cards

    From the answer: Hi smszymoniak.... It must be very exciting to teach QuickBooks!... Accepting credit cards and debit card transactions are all part of our Merchant Account Services.

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