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  • Update your payment information with Apple Billing

    From the article: On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store.... ​Tap your Apple ID, then tap View Apple ID.

  • QuickBooks 2013/2014 & Windows 8.1

    From the answer: I'm playing with QB Premier 2013 and POS 10 in 8.1 on another machine.... So far so good (reports print, able to open software).

  • I would like to set up an excel file to import data into quick books.

    From the answer: This site has the best explanation of creating iif format excel sheets for import to QB I have seen.... that said, you might be better off checking for a transaction importer in the marketplace h

  • How to change "Donations" to "Sales Receipt"?

    From the answer: with a donation on screen have you click the template choice box to see if there is a sales receipt template available if not you can always make a new template with a new title from the donation template, use customize data layout on the formatting

  • COGS for non-inventory item on P&L report?

    From the answer: you have to purchase the item to have cost posted to COGS, are you using the item on a purchase?

  • QuickBooks 2014 R3 not showing vacation pay on pay stubs

    From the answer: I just spoke to Quickbooks support - Nov 7/13 and they said the fix for vacation pay not showing on stubs should be done by next week.

  • Average Cost of inventory item

    From the answer: does the average cost in the item list window (when expanded) reflect the average cost of what is left in our inventory OR does this average cost go beyond what is left "physically" in our warehouse.

  • How do I enter inventory that has been given away as free/promotional?

    From the answer: Simplest is to "sell" it (Invoice or Sales Receipt) for $0.00.

  • Entering a refund from a vendor

    From the answer: See if this helps,

  • QB 2014 won't let me "modify stock email template"

    From the answer: Quickbooks 2014 doesn't let you modify an e-mail template once you have created it, except for the name, but you can create a new one as the default and then delete the original.

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