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  • How can I tax items at different rates on the same invoice?

    From the answer: @ will the only way to use different sales tax rates for different items is create a sales tax item with a 0% rate and assign that to the customer on the invoice, list all items for rate 1, follow with a sub total item, follow that with sales tax ite

  • Inventory Assemly in Premier Manufacturing and Wholesale.

    From the answer: Thank you for the reference to my blog, Woody.... Ayache, you might look at this article:

  • How do I remove the "sales tax" line from invoices when a customer does not pay sales tax?

    From the answer: @ bwagner If Mac is anything like windows, you can not, if sales tax is turned on it will fill in the sales tax line with a zero amount.

  • How to Record Prepayment on Invoice as Liability?

    From the answer: Step 3 is because you correctly posted this as Liability, and did not leave it as a generic and floating AR credit.

  • I am unable to backup- "QuickBooks was unable to back up your company file. QuickBooks could not create a disk image."

    From the answer: Right - you can cancel the backup and rebuild will continue.... However it is a good idea to make the backup.

  • Owner's expense for a LLC

    From the answer: If this is a single-member LLC treated as a disregarded entity, this would all be changed to Equity, not Loan.

  • bank reconciliation ending/beginning balance don't match

    From the answer: Sounds like an item in the check register got uncheck.... It should have displayed to be reconciled screen.

  • Deleting multiple SALES ORDERS at one go.

    From the answer: QuickBooks doesn't provide any way to delete multiple sales orders or other transactions.... Our Data Remover program can do mass deletions of sales orders and other transactions.

  • Can I print up a Trial Balance by class?

    From the answer: The Trial Balance report can be filtered to show one or more classes but it will not sub-total by class.

  • Apply an existing credit

    From the answer: See the KB article below on how to apply a customer credit to a different job....

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