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  • ProAdvisor Exam 'Retry Section' Couldn't see

    From the answer: Hello mosaraf-acca,    Thanks for performing the browser troubleshooting steps in fixing the unusual behavior.

  • Bookkeeping for Solicitors

    From the answer: Have you had a look at Projects or tracking by Class/Location?... Im not an expert on these byt this is where I would look first.

  • Employee pay roll

    From the answer: Hi there, .... Let me help you get past the error you're encountering so you can run payroll for your employee successfully.

  • I have several companies in QB with the same owner. One of the companies has a credit card balance of $5,400; posted as an A/P in QB. My mgr told me to make a cc pmt using a check from a different company. How do I post the GJ entry on A/P acct?

    From the answer: Hi chart4100,   You can do journal entries to transfer and do adjustments on both companies.... However, we can't suggest for the accounts to be used.

  • Credit Card Reconcilliation

    From the answer: Hi   ,   This is a mess indeed.... If I understand, you have your credit card set up in the system.... Now you just need certain charges paid by Account A, another portion by Account B and the remaining by Account C (Personal).

  • Multiple projects on one Invoice

    From the answer: Glad to have you here in the Community, .... The Projects feature in the program is intended to only one customer that has multiple services.

  • Bank Reconciliations

    From the answer: It depends whether you noticed they were wrong last year.... If you did and made adjustments for them then deleting shouldn't be too bad but if you didn't then I wouldn't advise it.

  • enhanced payroll

    From the answer: Hi there, ,   The WA ESD (5208 A and B) for Q1/Q2 is currently not available.... That's why you're unable to pay your taxes as well.

  • Client File Transfer

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to us here in the Community, .... Great news!... It's possible to transfer your clients' files to your wholesale subscription.

  • QBO not syncing with Citibank account for past 2 days - error 189

    From the answer: Thanks for bringing this concern to my attention, .... I'm here to provide some details about the error 189 that you received upon updating your Citibank account in QuickBooks Online.

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