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  • We need to set up direct deposit and are receiving an error.

    From the answer: You need to set this up with Intuit Payroll.... You also have to be approved for a direct deposit limit so they can insure that the funds will be available when your account is debited since this usually happens up to two banking days before the date of

  • Reverse a direct deposit

    From the answer: Hi there, Boraabe.... QuickBooks can only cancel or stop the direct deposit two banking days before the check date and before 5 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST).

  • updating QuickBooks Desktop stored in cloud

    From the answer: Hello there, @TammyM12 .... Anytime, anywhere access for QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier or Enterprise is a goal that many businesses are trying to accomplish these days.

  • Equity Accounts and Balance Sheet

    From the answer: wrote: I own a small business with my business partner.... Our business is set up as a Partnership LLC.... And I want to contribute funds to our business.

  • Restrict items list invoice entry

    From the answer: Hello, fischerhoneyco.... In QuickBooks Desktop, we’re unable to restrict some items when creating an invoice.

  • dates on deposit summary

    From the answer: Hi there, .... It's my pleasure to help check the dates on your deposit summary.... The deposit summary shows two dates, the deposit date which is in the header section and the date when you printed the deposit which shows at the upper-right side of the page

  • Direct Deposit

    From the answer: Hello there, JS181.... Allow me to step in and help set up direct deposit for your client in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Multi user problems

    From the answer: We have a few reasons why a connection can be lost, Jrasphalt1st.... Here are causes: The network connection is unstable.

  • An employee needs to pay the company back for sick time paid which is now a WC injury, California. This occurred on two paychecks. How can this be corrected through payroll?

    From the answer: Hi there, ,   Welcome and thanks for reaching the Community.... I can share some insights on how to record sick time repayment in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Quick books pro versus pro plus annual

    From the answer: No sure what you are asking.... I have been using QBs desktop since 1995.... I purchase my software and it never expires.

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