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  • I would like to know differene between sale of product income and cost of sales?

    From the answer: sale of product income - your sales price that the customer pays cost of sales - what you pay to make sales

  • is it possible to turn off gst in QB?

    From the answer: Hi Jagadish, Thanks for writing in!  Once GST is turned on it cannot be turned off, however if you recently set your QuickBooks Online file  you can reset your file and start again (provided it us under 90 days old) .

  • How to unvoid a transaction

    From the answer: there is no undo in QB, you will have to re-create it, or edit it and enter what used to the be there you can check the audit log/file to see if the details that were voided were recorded

  • How do I enter Purchase return in Quick books plus version?

    From the answer: plus menu vendor/supplier credit, and list the item being returned, qty and price

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