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    From the answer: Hi, Welcome to QuickBooks Community!... Here are two detailed articles to help you understand everything about GST in QuickBooks:  Customise invoice for GST  and  QuickBooks for GST .

  • can i add more than one registered GST company ?

    From the answer: Yes, one company means one subscription, so you need a new subscription for a new company

  • taxable amount calculation is wrong

    From the answer: Hi, Welcome to QuickBooks Community!... Thanks for reporting this error.... However, we request you to report things that are affecting your books of account to the Customer Support Team via our Contact Us page:

  • Facing problem return filing..

    From the answer: Hi Siddhi, Welcome to QuickBooks Community!... Could you please explain the issue you're facing?

  • Need Call Support

    From the answer: Hi Shivani, Welcome to QuickBooks Community!... Please feel free to contact our Customer Care Team through this page:

  • how can i change my mobile number?

    From the answer: Hi, Welcome to QuickBooks Community!... To change your mobile number in QuickBooks, please follow these steps: 1. Click the Gear icon and go to Company Settings .

  • HSN code inputting error message - please enter a valid code even if am putting a exact code. Am fed up .... how

    From the answer: Hi  sybrate , We tried entering the same HSN code in my file at our end and it got saved without any error.

  • IN: Can I create custom user in QBO? Option not there in add user section!

    From the answer: Hi  sandhya , 'Custom user' is named as "Standard user' in QuickBooks.... Please click on 'Add User' and then select the radio button of 'Standard User'.


    From the answer: Hi  rk.marketing2020 , We understand that you want to enter the purchase bill in QuickBooks.... Request you to refer the below help link which has all the details.

  • How to know whether there is any attachment to a transaction in general ledger?

    From the answer: Hi Akshay, Welcome to QuickBooks Community!... Unfortunately, there's no way to check for the presence of an attachment in reports.

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