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  • How can a credit note from supplier be settled against particular invoice?

    From the answer: Enter the credit note, then in pay bills select the bill and apply the credit

  • IN:GSTIN Not being accepted. It says enter valid GSTIN. Please assist

    From the answer: Dear  deepaklunker , With regards to your query, we would like to update you that, GSTIN ends with alphabet is not getting accepted in QuickBooks at present.

  • Is it possible to have inventory management of manufactured/assembled products in Quickbooks?

    From the answer: @ amitnanda11 No, QBO is designed to buy and sell a widget nothing more.... There is a bundle item which allows you to list several items in it, then when you put the bundle item on a sales invoice or sales receipt, all items are sold.

  • Cancel Trial giving error

    From the answer: If you have a free trial, you don't have to do anything and it will die it's natural death.... However, if you put your credit card details in, I would try a private window.

  • IN: How to delete two or more transactions enters at a time?

    From the answer: Hi Venkat, I am happy to help!... Transactions needs to be deleted one by one.... We do not have the bulk deletion option in Quicbooks online as of now.

  • IN: How to apply discounts?

    From the answer: @ darshan As stated there is no discount line item in QBO like there is in desktop, but there is a work around.

  • IN: How do i round off the invoice amount ?

    From the answer: Dear  gayatrienterprise With regards to your query, we request you to follow below steps to round off your invoice amount.

  • How to generate Customer ledger not statement?

    From the answer: Hi rana.saha1977,... The Sales by Customer Detail and Transaction List by Customer reports can be customized and used to generate transaction reports for customers.

  • multi level product classification

    From the answer: Hi Ferdous And Associates, QuickBooks inventory allows for a single item classification.... Product transformation/material management isn't supported.

  • IN: how can i enter cash loan taken from partner

    From the answer: Create the liability account for the partner in the chart of accounts make a deposit in the bank account, cash account or checking, use the partner liability account as the source (from) account for the deposit, enter the amount

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