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    From the answer: Using Google (presuming you at least know how to do that) you can type in how to whatever you want to do and find video upon video of how to plus articles.

  • Hey, how do I add taxes to expenses invoices? it's only visible for sales invoices.

    From the answer: Hi Rahulnz,  Great to see you here in the Community.... Please make sure to select the Purchases box when adding tax rates.

  • How do i group my customers

    From the answer: Hi Tejas, Thank you for writing in!... In order to group customers in certain groups, you can create a new dummy customer and name them what you'd like to call the group.

  • how to bill an expense

    From the answer: Good day to you,  user999 .... I'd be happy to help you in adding the bill to an expense.... There are two ways in adding Bill.

  • how to set up a user

    From the answer: Good day, user454, Follow these steps too set up a user: Click the Gear icon.... Select Manage Users under Your Company .

  • why not show costumer all report in one total

    From the answer: Hi, Thank you for writing in!... Could you please explain the issue you're facing so that we can help you better?

  • How we can generate 1099K form using PHP SDK?

    From the answer: Thank you for posting,  munnaver.khan .... Let me route you to our support team who can help you generate this 1099K.

  • How do i get the invoice for my subscription amount paid to Intuit?

    From the answer: Intuit does not do paper.... Log in to your account.... Hear icon.... Company my subscriptions and you should be able to access and print your receipts.

  • Not able to connect bank online with QB.

    From the answer: Hi Amit, You can now report your online banking problem straight to our engineers.... They will investigate what's causing the error and fix it for you!

  • credit note/debit note are NOT GST compatible

    From the answer: Hi Ferdous, Thanks for writing in!... We've made a note of your feedback and informed the concerned team.

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