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  • sent invoices need email address

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to the Community, rm2lsu.... The Audit Trail report lists each transaction and modification that affects it.

  • Suppliers transactions report

    From the answer: Yes, we can pull up all transactions of your suppliers, Rabih.... We can use the Transaction List by Vendor ( Supplier ) report.

  • For IRS we need 10 digit pin to file 941 but how about de9 an de9c is pin needed?

    From the answer: Thanks for dropping by the Community today, .... If you’re using the E-filing service to file the DE 9 and DE 9C forms, you don’t need a pin to submit them.

  • Filing DE9C

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Let me share to you the Wage Plan Code list so you can file your DE9C form successfully.

  • I want to delete a customer that was duplicated and it wont allow me because it indicates that it has a linked transaction. I have looked everywhere and there are no transactions for this client. Is there something im missing or a way to find the trans?

    From the answer: Greetings, .... You can pull up and customize your Transaction List by Customer report.... And you can also check your recurring transactions.

  • Quaraterly taxes

    From the answer: Hello Wwidu!... I'd like to add a few details about your saved-form filing while Jonpril is not in the office yet.

  • Deposit credit to bank

    From the answer: Thank you for the link!... This was extra help to the information/directions from you.

  • Can I create an "undeposited funds" account for payables?

    From the answer: I would do a per pay period journal entry and make sure that I had a payroll chart of accounts setup to reflect what actually happened by employee for each payroll liability and expense, then the totals by employee and by account could easily be matc

  • vendor credit reconcile

    From the answer: Thanks for coming to the Community for help, .... Yes, you're right in treating the credit as a bad debt.

  • WIP by Class doesn't equal Total

    From the answer: Hello sschweiger,   Thank you for dropping by here in the Community.... Allow me to assist you with your concern about the Work In Progress report in QuickBooks Desktop.

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