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  • show product cost during invoicing

    From the answer: Create a custom field on the inventory type item, and enter the item cost customize the form and on the column tab enable the custom field for screen and / or print Karl Irvin sells a utility that will copy cost, or average cost,  to the custom field

  • how do i make a PO in QB

    From the answer: Hey there, ndturf!... I don't blame you for being confused.... I took a look at your account using my back end tools, and it looks like you're currently using QuickBooks Online Essentials.

  • How to record an online deposit from Square where commission has been withheld???

    From the answer: These steps will work both for Amazon and Ebay sales (with Paypal payment) as well as Square, where the deposit is net deposit amount after fees taken out.

  • How do I remove a supplier from the suppliers list?

    From the answer: Hi Em,  Good question!... when you click on your supplier's name, click the edit button, then click the make inactive button at the bottom left hand side and save.

  • when i try to login, it says my company is not subscribed to quickbooks, been using it for 3 years?????????????

    From the answer: Are you attempting to login here: Enter your user name and login.

  • Anyone know how to swich the QB online back to the classic layout

    From the answer: No you can't switch back.... The old version is going away eventually.... They did a lot of testing before they actually released this version.

  • Inventory asset not showing up on balance sheet quickbooks online

    From the answer: That's good to hear, Angel_Lehner!

  • Refund cash overpayment

    From the answer: Hi user59026!... When you create the receipt, you would create it for £12.00, and not show an overpayment.

  • I am a single owner LLC. I have set up both my personal and business checking accounts in QB. Transfers do not post correctly.

    From the answer: personal accounts should not be in the business file, they should be kept separate I recommend you have the following for owner/partner equity accounts owner/partner equity owner/partner equity drawing - you record value you take from the business he

  • error code 170 while connecting bank account

    From the answer: Hi Davids,  Can you please try connecting to your bank via this web address?...

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