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  • Intuit Accounts self help options

    From the article: If you wish to view/update any of your personal info connected to your Intuit accounts, such as name, user ID, email address, password and phone number, the most efficient and secure way to do this is by logging directly into you Intuit account.

  • Magtek swiper fails to connect for Right Networks using QBDT 2018

    From the article: What you may be experiencing: When attempting to swipe a credit card transaction using a Magtek card reader, clicking the swipe card button prompts to connect to card reader but continually shows Connecting....when using QuickBooks Desktop 2018 in a

  • Does Quickbooks Online with Mac OX Mavericks -- It is hanging a lot.

    From the answer: I have Mavericks and am not having a crashing problem.... I would not think that it is Quickbooks per se but rather the Browser.

  • set up payment method on invoice

    From the answer: Hi Bunbury-jiiaxing!... I support QuickBooks Online for the US, but I saw your question was not yet answered, so I'm going to try.

  • What does a negative number mean in open invoices?

    From the answer: I have the same problem.... I paid the Invoice and saved the transaction, but my Balance Sheet shows a negative balance!!!!

  • Can't access quickbooks online

    From the answer: Hi Info!... I am sorry to hear that you were having trouble.... I am not sure what was causing this but the first thing I would have you do is clear cache.

  • posting payment discount terms

    From the answer: Hi mmartinez!... I'm not sure if you're referring to discounts for your customers paying you early - or if it's a discount for you paying your vendor early.

  • Bringing over Intuit Payroll data from QB Desktop to QB Online

    From the answer: Hi jonpietrowski,  You'll need to go through a payroll setup interview in order to set up your payroll items.

  • Does Quickbooks Online sync with your Bank's bill pay?

    From the answer: You'd have to initiate the bill payment from your bank's website - but then if the bank account is connected to QBO, those payments would be downloaded into QBO as expense transactions e.g.

  • Need to change product description

    From the answer: Hi vziernicki!... Sorry you're having trouble finding your Product & Services lists.... Sometimes things aren't easy to find - because they're easy to "mess up"!   Here's how to edit them: 1.  Click on the "gear" icon in the upper right-hand corner 2.  Click

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