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  • when doing your reconciliation what does it mean when a transaction is not checked

    From the answer: Hello  @lpsllbpjl :   that usually means you entered a deposit from/to the same bank acct.... Open the transaction and see its details.

  • Paying Sales Tax to the State

    From the answer: you register with your state and they assign the sales tax number - call them if  you have already registered and misplaced the number

  • Pay a bill without printing check

    From the answer: It's nice to see you here in the Community, yosfriedman.... I'm happy to walk you through in paying a bill without printing a check.

  • Esign Estimates

    From the answer: Thank you for checking in with us, @Joe0103 .... Allow me to share some information about the E-sign feature in QuickBooks Online.

  • Set up Automated Sales Tax for Cash accounting method

    From the answer: you can not, auto sales tax in QBO only reports on accrual, same is true for avalara a third party sales tax solution your company being on cash basis for taxes has nothing to do with it, you need to check with the state, the state determines whether

  • Payroll check setup

    From the answer: Greetings cmgrant303, Good job aligning the employee’s name and address on the paycheck.... Let me help move the amount beside the dollar sign.

  • Payment Integration in Android app

    From the answer: Good day Zed Digital,   I want to make sure you're getting the best help with payment gateway integration for QBO.

  • Bill Pay with Well Fargo Bank

    From the answer: QuickBooks Online uses a different third-party program for paying bills online, dugonline.... The Online Bill Pay feature in QBO is powered by

  • Create recurring template group

    From the answer: that option, along with many others, is not available in QBO a non partisan comparison of QBO vs QB desktop

  • My Vendor Balance Detail shows bill payments but does not deduct payment from running balance.

    From the answer: Welcome and thanks for dropping by the Community, @descanvelle .... I can help fix the issue you're getting in your Vendor Balance Detail report in QuickBooks Online (QBO).

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