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  • Vermont Health Care Contribution

    From the article: Overview Beginning April 1, 2007, employers must gather information to determine if a Health Care Contribution (HCC) will be due for the reporting quarter.

  • How to create an Intuit account

    From the article: An Intuit account lets you easily manage and access any Intuit products connected to your email address, like QuickBooks Online, Turbotax, and Mint.

  • Verify test transaction

    From the article: Verify a test transaction made to your bank account.... You can verify the amount either by checking your bank statement online or by calling your bank.

  • How to obtain a new hire report for an employee

    From the article: Overview This article explains how to generate a New Hire Report for an employee, if you didn't do so when the employee was originally set up.

  • QuickBooks Payroll mobile FAQs

    From the article: You’ve renamed the app.... Can I still sign in?... Yes.... We’ve changed the name from Intuit Online Payroll for mobile to QuickBooks Payroll.

  • New customer checklist for QuickBooks Online Payroll, QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, and Intuit Online Payroll

    From the article: Here's everything you need to know when setting up your employee's payroll in QuickBooks.... You can also find information about paying employees, paying federal and state taxes, and filing tax forms.

  • Delete or disable cache and temporary internet files in your web browser

    From the article: Problem You are experiencing one of the following problems: Each time you try to log in with the correct user ID and password, you see the login screen again.


    From the article: Overview To help you decide what payroll service fits to your business, this article will give you information about: Intuit Online Payroll (IOP) QuickBooks Online Payroll (QBOP) Pricing Details Intuit Online Payroll (IOP) This product is a standalon

  • Tax Notice Handling for IOP & QBOP

    From the article: Overview This article explains how to handle a tax notice.... Details Should you receive a tax notice from either the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or a state tax agency, it is very important to address it in a timely manner to avoid additional conseque

  • What is this QuickBooks or Intuit Charge?

    From the article: If you have a question regarding a credit card charge from Intuit or QuickBooks, the description on the statement can help locate where that charge is originating from.

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