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  • Updated W4 2019 and Later

  • One click export of payroll into Quicken 2014 H & B

    From the answer: I apologizeThere have been some patches and updates that we have made to Quicken 2014 with issues with One-Click Exporting.

  • view my paycheck

    From the answer: I just did a chat with a service rep.... They are aware of the problem and they are working on it.... She said she would contact someone in the Community department to post a notice stating basically what I am letting you know.

  • intuit online payroll W-2s

    From the answer: Hello Rittenhousejohn, Hope everything is well for you - Your question above states 'You have paid one or more employees who have not completed setup' = Typically this refers to imported employees whom may have been marked as terminated initially.

  • how to enter employee hours

    From the answer: Hi mightymaidsplus!... Boy, do I need you at my house!... Great news- the Time Sheets now automatically bridge over to Payroll, so now you don't need to manually enter them in the Payroll system.

  • How to Change 944 to 941 in QuickBooks Online Payroll Tax setup as it is not allowed?

    From the answer: Hi ask!  Per your request, I was able to change your 2014 filing from 944 to 941 Quarterly filer/Quarterly Depositor.

  • intuit online payroll - hsa contributions - w2 box 12

    From the answer: to enter that amount for last year you cannot do it yourself as the payroll features are limited.... if you call or go on the chat and let them know what they need they can add it on the back end so it shows up on the W2's and then you just reprint them.

  • How do I add Health Care premium to W2 for >2% shareholder?

    From the answer: Box 12 is not the right place for this benefit - it should show in Box 1 (Federal Wages), Box 16 (state wages) and in box 14 (info only).

  • summarized payroll journal entry

    From the answer: Hi lgwwilson!... Yes, I can show you where to enter a Journal Entry for Payroll: 1.  Click on the  Create (+)  upper middle of you Screen, and  Journal Entry 2.  Now you can enter the Summarized Payroll transaction Another option is to Create a Template

  • Online payroll vs desktop payroll

    From the answer: Intuit bought Paycycle in 2009.

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