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  • Quickbooks

    From the answer: Hi Bill1962,   Due to personal information saved in QuickBooks Desktop.... We care about your privacy as much as you do.

  • QB 2018 Pro locks up when emailing through Outlook

    From the answer: This is an on-going issue, Chris.... Some of our users are also experiencing the same thing.... This can be caused by a damaged QuickBooks or Outlook installation.

  • Quickbooks Messenger

    From the answer: I hope you're doing good today, Tommy62.... For now, the admin user is unable to view the log of conversations between users.

  • downloading transactions

    From the answer: I'd be glad to help check your account, .... One reason why you can't find the account is when the account was made inactive.

  • I submitted Form 941's on 7/19; my audit trail report states it was sent to intuit for processing but I have not recieved any further correspondence

    From the answer: Hello there, Kim.... When you e-file a payroll form, you'll receive an email notification letting you know if it was accepted or rejected.


    07 - 22 - 20198 --- 1:17 PM CST I have a Rental Tenant that has Overpaid their Rent by $ 600. I need to...

  • Entering personal auto loan payments made by the company--C Corp

    From the answer: Hi,  Deborah17 .... I've got you covered in recording a loan payment in QuickBooks Desktop.... Let's get this recorded.

  • Sales tax payable account

    From the answer: Hi  boycehund , You can set up sales tax items for each state where you collect sales tax.... Let me guide you how.

  • Quickbooks Pro 2019 Desktop

    From the answer: No.... You cannot back save into an older version.... Choices.... Client must upgrade to same version as you.... Or you have to use your own 2016 version if you ever had it (#1 reason to install newer versions alongside older and not replace them)

  • Paid Family Medical Leave

    From the answer: Thanks for posting here in the Community, .... To answer your question, WA – Paid Fam Med Leave Emp payroll item is for the Employee portion, while WA – Paid Fam Med Leave Co is for the Employer or company.

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