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  • I filed my taxes, how do I reset the notice on Quick Books Self Employed in regard to 2018 tax?

    From the answer: You can disregard the notice on the homepage, peneece.... On the other hand, if you meant to start with a clean slate, check out this article: .

  • Entering historical sales invoices

    From the answer: The answer depends on how you entered your trial balance in the beginning of your fiscal year.... Did you use a converter from Sage to QuickBooks.

  • payments made to customer account not showing on statment

    From the answer: Two thing could cause this.... Check the date of the payment.... Second, check the date range of the statement.

  • I have just updated to 2019 and my bank feed does not show any of my accounts.

    From the answer: Hi there, MRC2 .... What's your bank provider?... Did you encounter any error message?... Aside from updating your software, let's make sure you're currently using the supported version of Internet Explorer .

  • about copy function

    From the answer: Hi there, accounts.iff,... It could be that you have too much data in your browser's cache which could have triggered this behavior.

  • Why a MA SUI (employer) charges on a non-MA employee's payroll, instead of MA employee's? (The company is located in MA)

    From the answer: SUI is paid by the employer in the state where employee works vs, where he lives, if that helps any.

  • Past reconciliation

    From the answer: Hello, Kadmiel.... Problems about having a difference when reconciling an account can be caused by the following scenarios: •    Account mismatches •    Statement information mismatches •    Mismatched number of transactions •    Single transaction diffe

  • how to combine 2 inventory parts into 1 part

    From the answer: open the item list right click  on the one you do not want and select edit change the name to the exact name of the one you do want

  • how can I add a memo in an Audit Log?

    From the answer: Hello Kath,  It's nice to have you in the Community.... Adding a memo in an Audit Log to specify changes in QuickBooks Online is unavailable.

  • Connecting existing QBO and ProConnect accounts

    From the answer: Hi there, christie2.... There are two ways to integrate ProConnect with QuickBooks Online Accountant.... First is within QBOA firm and the second one is within a client’s company.

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