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  • Level 3 data processing for commercial cards

    From the article: What is a commercial credit card?... Both Visa and MasterCard offer special credit cards for companies designed to help them manage their spending and streamline the purchasing process.

  • Error code 140300: You have reached the maximum allowed number of items

    From the article: When attempting to run a Financial Exchange, the following message is returned: Error code 140300: You have reached the maximum allowed number of items in your QuickBooks Financial Software inventory.

  • discount applied for entire receipt?

    From the answer: Point of Sale 2013 has the same function, its just located in a different area.... You can access the "Give Discount" option two ways: Within the I Want To menu or by adding the customized button "Give Discount" to the left hand pane.

  • Has anyone switched from intuit merchant services to a different provider? If so, how did you ring up sales in POS and track them in Quickbooks?

    From the answer: Jc, If you choose not to use merchant services from Intuit, follow these steps.... File > Setup Interview > Payments tab.

  • Returns not back into inventory

    From the answer: For a defective return, you can either record this two ways.... If you are sending the item back to the vendor for credit, you would create a Return Voucher (Purchasing menu > Return Voucher).

  • Entering vendor invoices in Quickbooks vs. QuickBooks POS

    From the answer: You can still enter the billing information in QB Financial.... We chose to do that.... File --> Preferences --> Receiving change to enter billing information in QB When you receive items in POS you will no longer have the option to enter billing information

  • settling credit card transactions in QB POS 2013

    From the answer: I am going to answer my own question so that if others have this same question, they will see the answer here.

  • how to edit price levels

    From the answer: Hello Scrapdooles, If the Price Level was edited through the Company Preferences, those changes will only be applied to new items.

  • Are credit card batches posted immediately on merchant services?

    From the answer: Linleenelson, If you close your batch manually, you will see that batch in the Merchant Service Center the following day.

  • Is there a maximum number of inventory items in Point of Sale?

    From the answer: Hello Ron, Currently the only limitation that we have for the item list is a six digit limit to the item number.

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