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  • Set confirmation code preferences and update your profile for your Intuit account

    From the article: There are several ways to get to the Intuit account manager portal.... Your Intuit service or product may redirect you or you can simply go to .

  • QuickBooks Online Login Verification Code (Multi-Factor Authentication)

    From the article: Intuit uses  multi-factor authentication across all of our products to protect your account and ensure only you have access to your data.

  • Add an employee in QuickBooks Online

    From the article: Learn how to add an employee in QuickBooks Online.... Save time as you use your employees name in transactions (such as when writing checks/cheques to the person, filling out time sheets, reimbursing for purchases, and so on).

  • GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

    From the article: What is Intuit doing about GDPR?... Intuit complies with applicable local laws on our business-related use of personal data.

  • Recognize and report suspicious emails (Phishing)

    From the article: This article contains information on how you can recognize and report phishing, spam, spoof, or hoax emails.

  • Guidelines for choosing a user ID and password

    From the article: Protect your business and personal info and prevent unauthorized access to your QuickBooks Online account.

  • Connect bank accounts and manage imported transactions

    From the article: You can connect Quickbooks Online to your financial institution using your online banking sign-in credentials so you can automatically import bank transactions.

  • Update your payment information with Apple Billing

    From the article: On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store.... ​Tap your Apple ID, then tap View Apple ID.

  • Email Change Request

    From the article: In most cases, you can change your email address through Intuit Accounts self help options .... If you are unable to log into your online account, you may need to submit an Email Change Request.

  • Set up email accounts or domains to receive email communications from Intuit

    From the article: Learn how to set up common email accounts to receive communications from Intuit (do_not_reply) email, including the MFA validation code.

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