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  • Set confirmation code preferences and update your profile for your Intuit account

    From the article: There are several ways to get to the Intuit account manager portal.... Your Intuit service or product may redirect you or you can simply go to .

  • QuickBooks Online Login Verification Code (Multi-Factor Authentication)

    From the article: Intuit uses  multi-factor authentication across all of our products to protect your account and ensure only you have access to your data.

  • How to enter a bounce cheque for payment made to a supplier and re-record the payment

    From the article: If you have received a bounce cheque for payment to a supplier, you can use Bank Deposit to record the cheque.

  • Email change request process - used for updating email or recovery phone number

    From the article: In most cases, you can change your email address yourself within the product ( Intuit Accounts self help options ) as long as you have access to the email address on file.

  • Recognize and report suspicious emails (Phishing)

    From the article: This article contains information on how you can recognize and report phishing, spam, spoof, or hoax emails.

  • Set up common email accounts or domains to receive Intuit email communications

    From the article: Learn how to set up common email accounts to receive communications from Intuit (do_not_reply) email, including the MFA validation code.

  • File State W2 forms

    From the answer: You've got some sort of system issues as those lower sections of the payroll center in your attached images are all screwed up.

  • verifying payroll service

    From the answer: I solved this Monday 7/28/14-  call Quickbooks support.... They will take you through "de-registering" your program and then "re-registering" your program and everything will work fine.

  • payroll service key adn addition EIN company

    From the answer: I was having the same trouble and finally found the solution - .

  • update credit card

    From the answer: I'm having the same problems.... I have updated the credit card information and gotten a confirmation email however the red update credit card icon is still showing in my payroll section of QB.

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