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  • Email change request process - used for updating email or recovery phone number

    From the article: In most cases, you can change your email address yourself within your product as long as you have access to the email address on file.

  • Guidelines for choosing a password

    From the article: Password Requirements: Length: 8 - 32 characters At least 1 uppercase character (A-Z plus all upper case characters in the Latin-1 Supplement set) At least 1 lowercase character (a-z plus all lower case characters in the Latin-1 Supplement set) At le

  • Recognize and report suspicious emails (Phishing)

    From the article: This article contains information on how you ccan recognize and report phishing, spam, spoof, or hoax emails.

  • QuickBooks Online Login Verification Code (Multi-Factor Authentication)

    From the article: Intuit uses  multi-factor authentication across all of our products to protect your account and ensure only you have access to your data.

  • intuit online payroll W-2s

    From the answer: Hello Rittenhousejohn, Hope everything is well for you - Your question above states 'You have paid one or more employees who have not completed setup' = Typically this refers to imported employees whom may have been marked as terminated initially.

  • Online payroll vs desktop payroll

    From the answer: Intuit bought Paycycle in 2009.

  • view my paycheck

    From the answer: I just did a chat with a service rep.... They are aware of the problem and they are working on it.... She said she would contact someone in the Community department to post a notice stating basically what I am letting you know.

  • One click export of payroll into Quicken 2014 H & B

    From the answer: I apologizeThere have been some patches and updates that we have made to Quicken 2014 with issues with One-Click Exporting.

  • Can't reset password

    From the answer: Wow, 2 years later and they still haven't fixed this issue!... I get the same problem and calling customer service was a horrible experience.

  • How to Change 944 to 941 in QuickBooks Online Payroll Tax setup as it is not allowed?

    From the answer: Hi ask!  Per your request, I was able to change your 2014 filing from 944 to 941 Quarterly filer/Quarterly Depositor.

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