• How to unsubscribe or cancel QuickBooks Online subscription purchased through an app store (iOS or Android)

    From the article: If you are using the web version of QuickBooks Online (on a computer or laptop), see How to Cancel your QuickBooks Online Company (United States) .

  • Request a rate review of QuickBooks Payments discount fees

    From the article: Check the requirements needed to request a rate review of QuickBooks Payments discount fees.... The following conditions must be met before your payments account is eligible for a rate review: The account is a paid account Has at least three (3) months c

  • Resolve XML errors

    From the article: When you open QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale, you see or receive one of the following error messages There is an error in XML document (0, 0) Error: Process could not access file C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v(x)\SessionData.xml because

  • Return QuickBooks product for a refund

    From the article: Most QuickBooks products have an unconditional 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.... This policy does not apply to Intuit resource guides, education/lab packs, and bulk software orders.

  • Troubleshoot error windows administrator required

    From the article: The error Windows Administrator Required when opening QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale is caused by any of the following factors: You are not logged in as the Windows Administrator Damaged Windows user Damaged Point of Sale installation Solution 1: R

  • Error: Application Update Required

    From the article: When computers (Server and Workstations) are not in the same QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale release patch, you receive: Error: Application Update Required, Intuit.RSG.QBPOSInterop.UpdateApplicationActionPage.

  • Run payroll from your mobile device

    From the article: To manage payroll on your mobile device, you can download Intuit's Online Payroll app from the App Store and run payroll from your mobile device.

  • Capture signatures using QuickBooks Online for mobile

    From the article: Open a new or existing estimate or invoice .... Add any transaction info, as usual.... Select Get Signature .

  • Run your Profit & Loss report using QuickBooks Online for Android

    From the article: You need Admin or Accountant permission in QuickBooks Online on the web to view or run this report.... From the main menu, select Profit & Loss .

  • Connection failed, when attempting to start QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale

    From the article: When opening QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale, you receive the following error: Connection failed This may be caused by one of the following: A program update is being installed in another workstation.

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