• Conversion check list for converting your files into QuickBooks Online

    From the article: Preliminaries - Prior to Conversion submission There are a few tasks you should perform to ensure your legacy file is in as ‘clean’ a state as possible prior to converting it to QuickBooks Online.

  • Vendors and Suppliers overview

    From the article: The Vendors/Suppliers page is where you keep track of the Vendors/Suppliers you work with.... Vendors/Suppliers are people or companies that you pay money to, such as a store, utility, landlord, or subcontractors who do work for you.

  • Set and use Reorder Points

    From the article: Reorder Point is the minimum quantity of a particular inventory item that you need to restock at any given time.

  • Change or remove company phone number or email address on sales forms

    From the article: If you need to change or remove the phone number or email address that appear on your invoices or sales receipts, you can do so in Company Settings .

  • List reports vs. balance or totaled reports

    From the article: The difference between list reports vs. balance and totaled reports is that the majority of list reports do not show balances or totals, just account information, whereas a balance or totaled report will give you balances remaining or total of sales,

  • Why doesn't my new account show on the Balance Sheet or the Profit and Loss report?

    From the article: A new account listed in your chart of accounts will not appear on the Profit & Loss or Balance Sheet report until a transaction is recorded to that account.

  • After printing, transactions still display in To Be Printed

    From the article: There are a few reasons why your printed transactions may continue to display on the To Be Printed list.

  • Write checks (or cheques)

    From the article: Select the  Plus icon (+)  at the top, then  Check/Cheque .... Tip:  If you have many checks/cheques to write, you may find it faster to enter them from the register (or account history) instead.

  • Add notes to customer, vendor, supplier, or employee records and contact reports

    From the article: QuickBooks Online doesn't have the capability to add additional fields to your lists, but there is a Notes field available for storing additional information about a Customer, Vendor/Supplier or Employee.

  • How can I change the type for an existing parent account or subaccount?

    From the article: In the Chart of Accounts , all parent accounts and their subaccounts must be of the same account type.

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