• Conversion check list for converting your files into QuickBooks Online

    From the article: Preliminaries - Prior to Conversion submission There are a few tasks you should perform to ensure your legacy file is in as ‘clean’ a state as possible prior to converting it to QuickBooks Online.

  • How to Import Invoice Template Styles from Word

    From the article: You can now import your favorite invoice template directly into QuickBooks Online!... Importing styles brings enhanced flexibility to highlight your brand.

  • Run reports

    From the article: You can use reports in QuickBooks Online to get a snapshot of various aspects of your business.... Set up your general report preferences Select the  Gear icon at the top, then  Company Settings.

  • Adding a logo to sales invoice

    From the article: Before you upload your logo, you should ensure it meets the logo requirements to avoid display issues.

  • How do I enter time and expenses by job?

    From the article: QuickBooks now offers a feature called Projects to track your job costs or projects profitability for customers based in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

  • Banking Error 185

    From the article: Error 185 Error 185 generally means that your financial institution is requiring more information than we can store.

  • How do I change the account my product and service item is associated with?

    From the article: To change which account a Product/Service  item is associated with on the Chart of Accounts : Click the Gear icon > Products and Services.

  • How do I enter a beginning balance for an account after it has been set up?

    From the article: You can input the opening balance for any account with a journal entry.... When QuickBooks Online (QBO) asks you for the opening balance, it creates a journal entry.

  • Adjusting inventory quantity on hand

    From the article: Sometimes you may need to adjust Inventory quantities without recording a sale or purchase transaction.

  • Introduction to categories in Products and Services

    From the article: What is a category?... A category is a means of classifying products and services you sell to customers.... Categorizing what you sell can help you better understand sales volume and who’s buying what.

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