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  • How to make sure you receive important email messages from Intuit

    From the article: If you're email account isn't receiving messages from Intuit's  do_not_reply email address there are several simple steps you can take to fix this problem.

  • What happens when you send an invoice?

    From the article: Sent your first invoice?... Congrats!... Here's what to expect: For the recipient The recipient will receive an email that says you've sent them an invoice.

  • Schedule C: Car and truck

    From the article: These are costs related to the business use of your vehicle.... You can use QuickBooks Self‑Employed to track the actual cost of gas, oil, repairs, insurance, tires, and license plates (but not depreciation.)

  • Import trips from Google Timeline

    From the article: Save time by learning how to import your work trips in QuickBooks Self-Employed from your Google account.

  • Recent changes, improvements, and fixes in QuickBooks Mac Desktop 2016

    From the article: The following changes, improvements, and fixes were made to QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2016.... Later releases (ones with higher numbers) include all changes in earlier releases.

  • About secure bank connections

    From the article: It's very safe to connect your bank accounts with our product.... Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, TurboTax, ProConnect and Mint, is a well-established and highly trusted company that supports millions of businesses and customers worldwide, many of whom

  • Transfers between accounts in QuickBooks Self-Employed

    From the article: Sometimes it might look like the same transaction appears twice in the app.... Here are a few examples.... Moving money between accounts: When you move money between your checking and savings accounts, you will see an expense, which is the money leaving your

  • Switch to another version of QuickBooks from QuickBooks Self-Employed

    From the article: Is QuickBooks Self-Employed not quite right for you?... Here's how to switch to another version of QuickBooks, and/or cancel your subscription altogether.

  • Add a company logo to invoices

    From the article: In QuickBooks Self-Employed, you can add a company logo to invoices to establish your brand with customers.

  • Hide or delete a bank account

    From the article: If you don't want to see transactions from a particular bank account, you can hide the account or you can delete the account altogether.

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