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  • Inventory Adjustments, begininning/ending and Cost of Goods sold for a restaurant.

    From the answer: Im going to suggest that you strip down your accounts to the bare bones and leave any extra details (if you have them) outside of QB. 2 Revenue categories: Food & Beverage  Just 3 inventory accounts: food, beverages (including liquor), and supplies.

  • Can I process payroll today for payroll to be debited from the bank next week?

    From the answer: Yes.... You can date it next week and send it early.

  • RE: Recieved client payment without an invoice.

    From the answer: Consider using the sales receipt....

  • Does a sole proprietor need to charge rent for office the owner and wife own?

    From the answer: You should consult your tax accountant on this.... If the business pays rent it would reduce the business income, however you would have to pick up the same amount as rental income on your tax return.

  • Payroll liabilities check

    From the answer: Greetings, .... There’s no need to create a journal entry to remove the $300 showing on the Payroll Liability Report.

  • Long time desktop user was recently told it may be time to setup new company

    From the answer: Would you describe the problem?

  • How to track contributions made to a church while making a deposit

    From the answer: I'm here to provide the steps to record the contributions you receive, ,   If you recorded the donation as a bank deposit, you can assign the customer names separately on each lines to account how much they contributed.

  • How to combine accounts for reports

    From the answer: Sending good vibes to you,  Zwarich .... I'm here to help you go over to your QuickBooks and have those accounts combined.

  • One memorized transaction vs two

    From the answer: I toyed with this aa few times and found that if you memorized a deposit coming from another account, it memorizes both the check and the deposit.

  • How to Turn Off Invoicing for Bad Customers

    From the answer: Stop the invoicing no, but you can set the credit limit on the customer screen to zero and when you do create an invoice QB will warn you that they have exceeded the credit limit - but you can still invoice if you wanted to.

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