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  • manual paycheck

    From the answer: Hi 3268!... I'll be happy to walk you through creating paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.... From the  Employees menu, select Pay Employees .

  • Record Repairs/Maintenance on Company Trucks

    From the answer: One way is to use Class Tracking and to assign each truck as a Class - you can even group them all as sub-classes of a parent class.

  • Uninstalling 2015 after 2019 Installation

    From the answer: Congratulations on your successful upgrade, Ron.... Yes, you can safely uninstall the 2015 version since you've already converted it into the new 2019 format.

  • How do I account for this transaction?

    From the answer: You can make this very complicated or very easy depending on the route you want to go.... If you receive the payment ahead of delivery of the order, then technically it is a liability to customer deposits.

  • How can I add "Bill to" and "Job Location" to a custom report?

    From the answer: Thanks so much for this clarification, Mike.... I believe that I have found just the report you're looking for.

  • Decimal drifts posting to COGS (how to increase decimal places)

    From the answer: What I noticed is that, QB only computes that first 2 decimal places, of which there will be a decimal drift of 0.07 which will post to COGS.   if .07 is posting to COGS from a bill, that is not wrong   What happened is that at some point before the

  • question

    From the answer: yes you can and not it will not mess up anything

  • Delete a payment

    From the answer: Hello Ben,   In addition to Lynda's answer, here's how you can view the deposit payment for the said invoice:   1.

  • Item Title Above Description On Invoices

    From the answer: Hi mashby-   Yes, you can customize your invoices to have the item name above the description.... In QBO go to Gear Icon>Under Your Company on the Left choose Custom Form Styles>Upper Right hand corner drop down choose Invoice>When the window opens choos

  • QuickBooks on a peer-to-peer network

    From the answer: Good morning  @Hardware Queen :   i would look into qbox.... It is affordable program and easy to set up and a great option for you.

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