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  • On line backup

    From the answer: Each company will have its own backup schedule if automated.... Otherwise each only backs up when you have it open and choose to back up.

  • Printing W-2 for Employees after Filing Desktop Enhanced Payroll

    From the answer: Payroll Center Forms Start creating W2 again, skip ahead to print option

  • Delete users

    From the answer: I’m glad to see you in the QuickBooks Community, ROXANA.... Thanks for sharing additional information about your issue.

  • fixing medicare discrepancy in manual payroll

    From the answer: Hello compjones,   We can fix the Medicare discrepancy by creating payroll liability adjustment.... This will help adjust the tax liabilities for your employees to have a correct Year-to-Date payroll details.   Please check out this article for the steps

  • upgrading software on network

    From the answer: Hello miss mel,   If you follow the easy upgrade for QuickBooks  steps when upgrading to 2019, you don't have to download, install, and register your QuickBooks anymore.

  • error 213

    From the answer: It might be attached to a transaction that's damaged or corrupted, Annette.... You will need to delete it since the rebuild didn't resolve the error.

  • Seller financed purchase of business

    From the answer: The new owner purchased an asset, the existing business.... Basically the purchase price less any cash equals seller financing.

  • Value inventory fuel on hand at 12/31

    From the answer: wrote: At the end of 2018, I had to value inventory on hand and do a journal entry for our gasoline and diesel.

  • How do I clear a Payroll Liability amount in the Payroll Center?

    From the answer: Hi there, .... Thanks for posting in the Community.... Let me help remove the amount of overdue payroll liabilities in the Payroll Center.

  • How to clear multiple credit memos with one deposit

    From the answer: Delighted to have you here, .... I'm here to help walk you through clearing out the credit memos created by your client using one check.

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