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  • how do I get contact information to print on invoices

    From the answer: Thanks for getting in touch with u today,  ,   I can share some information on how to add your contact information on your sales forms.

  • Using the register

    From the answer: A "register" is really just QuickBooks' name for its way of representing one of your bank accounts (well, that and other similar things).

  • I updated payroll to 21906 and my 941 form for 1st quarter still is 2018

    From the answer: Hi discreet, 941 form is a quarterly report of employees wages and witholdings.... Normally, QuickBooks Desktop Payroll releases the new 941 forms between the last week of March and the first week of April.

  • How do i delete or fix an incorrect build assembly that has been built before it has to be invoiced

    From the answer: Hi there, .... I'm here to help delete the created inventory assembly item and recreate it.... Since this assembly item has not been used in a transaction, you can easily delete it.

  • What am I paying quickboods? for

    From the answer: Hi there, StephG .... I'm glad you've reached out to the QuickBooks Community.... Let me help provide some information about the QuickBooks and Payroll payments.

  • NSF deposits from vendors in 2013 QuickBooks

    From the answer: Hello there, require instruction asap .... I'm glad you've reached out to the QuickBooks Community.... Let me help guide you on how to record the bounced check from a customer in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Any recommendations on a mobile app for "on the go" orders?

    From the answer: Hello there, .... It's nice to see you again here in the Community.... I'm here to get you pointed in the right direction so you'll be able to get your desired app.

  • How do I get Transaction Numbers to appear in FIFO Item cost lot report (advanced inventory reports)

    From the answer: Greetings, .... Thanks for joining the Community.... I'm here to share some information about the report you'd like to pull up in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) Enterprise.

  • Administrator doesnt have view rights to bank account

    From the answer: I appreciate you for doing the necessary troubleshooting steps to determine the cause issue, Optimize.

  • Pro 2019 Icon Bar

    From the answer: Glad to have you here, !... Let's repair your QuickBooks Desktop to fix your display preferences.... I'm here to ensure you'll be able to fix it and help you with how it's done.

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