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  • Why QB Premier 2019 cannot display the Thai language? even though I have used windows 10 display for the Thai language. Every I type the result is just symbols.

    From the answer: Hi there, galihpambudi11.... Aside from changing Windows Regional Settings, you'll need to install Microsoft AppLocale or Locale Emulator to display the Thai language on your software.

  • Remove zero rows from A/R Aging Summary

    From the answer: Hello there, FMPOA.... Thanks for doing the troubleshooting step @ qbteachmt  suggested.... Running the verify and rebuild utilities  help resolves data integrity issues.

  • Credit card opening balance doesn't apply to business

    From the answer: Please learn from this input.... There is no JE for this.... You already have the proper tools = Banking menu > Enter Credit Card Charge.

  • Quickbooks Mac 2019 Layout Designer App Crash

    From the answer: I just installed the update released this morning and I am able to launch Layout Designer without the error, as well as update my invoice template which I desperately needed!

  • Sales Report Issue

    From the answer: Sale by Item or Sales by Customer reporting is fine.... Pay attention to Cash or Accrual Basis.... If you want Orders, not Sales, that is different; you can filter on Posting Status = Non-Posting = SO only.

  • Customer billing outside of established job

    From the answer: Hi PattyF,   For billings/costs within the job, you can make it billable to it so you can create an invoice out of it.

  • How do you handle payroll tax overpayments being carried over from a prior year?

    From the answer: "and when the liability check is created for January payroll, we have offset withholding to the overpayment for a net -0- check."

  • Inventory opening balance recorded as a deposit

    From the answer: "I like using a journal entry to record opening balances unless it is a bank."... Not for Inventory, if you intend to manage Inventory by Inventory Item Type and names.

  • QB for MAC 2019 sharing with accountant

    From the answer: Hi there, Elliot.... You might want to use the Desktop file.... Your QBB file might have some information that is not in your QBO file such as reconciliation reports, audit trail, and recurring credit card charges.

  • Create Paychecks

    From the answer: Yes, that's why you see the Leave button.... When you come back as Resume, yellow names indicate Draft Paycheck exists.

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