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  • Can my team member get certified?

    From the answer: Hello  dana-louisecole , Thanks for participating here in the Community!... I'd be happy to help you with this.

  • How do I categorize a charitable donation?

    From the answer: To have the software work the best for your needs, code it to your owner's draw account.

  • How do I go from my accountant doing my quickbooks to my own copy?

    From the answer: Well, you will not be able to import a desktop company file to qb self employed.... You could try simple start.

  • how do i delete payroll 08/16/2017 to 08/31/2017 as it was entered in error?

    From the answer: You will have to delete each paycheck to remove the payroll.

  • credit card expenses seperated

    From the answer: Hello  BLW , I've got good news for you!... Assigning two different categories to a single transaction is definitely possible in QuickBooks Self-Employed.

  • exchanging data with Quickbooks using vpn

    From the answer: It really wants the QuickBooks Program and POS WS1 on the same system.... VPN is usually way too slow.

  • How do I take distribution as an LLC with S-Corp Election?

    From the answer: There isn't a formula because you can't take distributions here and there like you are trying to do.... You have to take a reasonable salary for the year before the IRS will allow you to take out any distributions.

  • How do I change to a different Database in QB POS 10.0

    From the answer: In some cases you end up with damage to the files.... There are times where you must go to the Data folder in QBPOS.

  • What expense catagory would I use when I pay writers for my website for an article using PayPal?

    From the answer: Hi, I'll see if I can help! 1) For the writer, you use an expense category titled: Professional fees.

  • Using Barcodes in GoPayment with POS2013

    From the answer: MacB, no doubt having the ability to scan barcodes would be a terrific feature.... All I can suggest is that you go to your "Help" menu in POS and provide feedback.

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