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  • Receive Payment without Invoice

    From the answer: Sure.... If they have that many invoices that it doesn't match up.... Click on the Customer drop down and then Receive Payment.

  • How to record 1099 eligible payments included in a bulk General Journal starting balance entry?

    From the answer: Journal Entries are best avoided in QB when Names are part of the entry; you avoid them for AR, AP, for QB inventory, for QB sales, sales taxes, and QB Payroll.

  • Why QB Premier 2019 cannot display the Thai language? even though I have used windows 10 display for the Thai language. Every I type the result is just symbols.

    From the answer: Hi there, galihpambudi11.... Aside from changing Windows Regional Settings, you'll need to install Microsoft AppLocale or Locale Emulator to display the Thai language on your software.

  • can you renew subscription via ACH INSTEAD OF CREDIT CARD?

    From the answer: I'm glad you reached out to me today,  Ladybugs79 .... I want to make sure that there won't be any interruptions to your subscription, so I'd be happy to share the payment methods that we accept for renewals.

  • Equity closing account

    From the answer: wrote: QuickBooks has automatically closed income to an equity account, other than RE.... There is a RE equity account, but income was not closed to it.

  • How do I track inventory that is being bought in bulk, and sent to a job site as needed?

    From the answer: Let's review:   "We simply create a Purchase Order under the vendor's name, then create a bill from that PO, and then pay the bill.

  • Search Rules Desktop

    From the answer: Thank you for posting in the QuickBooks Community forum, BasicBooks.... At this time, QuickBooks doesn't have an option to edit the rules by batch.

  • Started QB desktop on July 1, how do I enter vendor info from Jan 1 thru June 30 for 1099 purposes?

    From the answer: @tloesing  wrote: But most of the vendors are already in QB (many of them are either referees or off duty police officers doing security work), would this affect what we've done from July 1 through December 31?

  • Check Register

    From the answer: Look in the Register view, bottom left, to confirm you are Not checkmarked as 1-line.... Now each two lines is one Transaction.

  • Remove zero rows from A/R Aging Summary

    From the answer: Hello there, FMPOA.... Thanks for doing the troubleshooting step @ qbteachmt  suggested.... Running the verify and rebuild utilities  help resolves data integrity issues.

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