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  • Why am I paying for Quickbooks when Quickbooks can’t connect to my bank accounts or PayPal accounts? Going on since May and there has been no solution, just $.

    From the answer: Hello safeishclothing,   I know you've been waiting for a solution.... Our engineers are still working with PayPal for the fix.

  • Quickbooks Payments Statements

    From the answer: Hi there, pcman826.... QuickBooks Payments can only view and download up to 24 months of statements.... More than that will requires you to order a paper copy from us.

  • Preview and Print not working, how do I fix this?

    From the answer: Thanks for visiting here in the Community, @ NNP1 .... I'm here to help fix your preview and print issue.

  • quickbook balance

    From the answer: Thanks for contacting the community, @ emmamayf,   There are multiple reasons why a bank balance may not match the register in QuickBooks Online (QBO).

  • I have qb online and need help with the memorized transactions. I have numerous memorized transactions saved on desktop prior to upgrading to online. I do not want to have to redo memorized transactions HELP

    From the answer: Hi there, kellisuemichel.... Thank you for posting here in the QuickBooks Community.... The memorized transactions in QuickBooks Desktop will be imported to QBO if you're using Plus, Advanced or Essentials.

  • managing several companies AR and AP

    From the answer: The 'cleanest' way to deal with this problem is to ensure that Bco issues a separate matching check to Aco for every transaction and notes on the payment who the true Customer/Payor is Then Aco can record it as an invoice receipt from Customer.

  • Mileage error

    From the answer: This is one of the reasons I do not like QBO.... I suggest you look at the year-to-date amount for mileage on the last paycheck.

  • How to post insufficient funds

    From the answer: The correct way per QuickBooks involves setting up a new item, creating a credit memo, etc.   Easiest way is to create a journal entry.

  • Customers & Projects

    From the answer: Hello  cmarty ,   You'll want to put a checkmark to the Is sub-customer box when merging customers.... I'll guide you through the steps.

  • Duplicate companies

    From the answer: How are you, Lghulme?... To delete duplicate companies or accounts, you'll need to cancel them first.... Once cancelled, data will be available in read-only access for 90 days if they're on a trial period.

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