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  • Receipt and customers history

    From the answer: Here's how you can track the customer's buying/returning history, DUMAstaz.... You can either scan the receipt to locate it easily, and save it into the customer's account.

  • POS 18 MSRP in Add Item window.

    From the answer: Hi there, Austin Reed.... Thanks for reaching out for support here in the Community.... I'd like to offer my assistance regarding the MSRP placement in POS 18.

  • Inventory

    From the answer: Thanks for giving us the opportunity to help,  CapCellarsKY .... I'd love to to help you with while working with physical inventory in QuicKBooks Desktop.

  • POS Items list limits

    From the answer: Thanks for joining the Community today,  JDB .... I'd love to share with you some information about Point of Sale item list limits for QuickBooks 2018.

  • SKU numbers placement

    From the answer: Thanks for coming back to the Community, JDB.... I can help you add the SKU numbers on your new item in QuickBooks POS 2018.

  • Feeder Club automation

    From the answer: I think you are asking about the same type of function as Lay Away.... Read about Lay Away.

  • Quickbooks POS Rewards Program

    From the answer: Hi there, @dj2cuecu and @daramaba , I?d love to share what I found out about redeeming rewards in QuickBooks POS Rewards Program.

  • Quickbooks POS 2018 Downgrade

    From the answer: Thanks for bringing this matter to my attention,  saemw14 .... I'm here to help you correct the information showing up on your reports and get this matter straightened out right away.

  • QB POS 2018 Held Receipts

    From the answer: Hello Brendaz23,   Thank you for posting in the Community.... I'm here to help figure out why sales are moving into Held Receipts.

  • QB Point of Sale connected to the internet

    From the answer: Hello there,   QuickBooks Point of Sale provides a list of suggested names and addresses of business when adding a new vendor.

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