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  • Splitting Credit Card into multiple expense accounts

    From the answer: This is Not a Bill.... That is your Account Statement.... You did not buy anything from AMEX or VISA and you did not buy everything on that one date.

  • Federal Excise Tax

    From the answer: Thank you Rustler for your reply!... Everyone except government entities or an exporter has to pay FET immediately upon buying a product that incurs it.

  • How do I add my mailing address to an invoice?

    From the answer: @Paul2020 , a screenshot to help .

  • what is a payment token

    From the answer: Good day, .... I'm glad you've reached out to us.... Allow me to help and provide some insights about the prompt message you're getting.

  • Split payments for an invoice.

    From the answer: In QBO, no there is not, two invoices will be needed   In QB desktop, in preferences turn on progress invoiceing, and do a partial invoice from an estimate

  • Quickbooks can't print a report with transactions and receipt

    From the answer: Hi Dmccarthy76,    I may have a solution that will help you.... The reports available in the left toolbar of QuickBooks will report list and transaction data only; but in QuickBooks Online , you can print a list of attachments that shows a thumbnail of t

  • My Quickbooks (desktop) bank accounts are not showing correct balances

    From the answer: Thank you for your response, i am so dumb when it comes to quickbooks.... What do it mean to reconcile?... Does this mean to print out my bank statement and assure my transactions match up one by one from the beginning to end??????

  • QB Online Backups

    From the answer: JamesDuanT of QB Team:  Do you really want to make this recommendation in lieu of having Intuit providing an accurate and competent backup system???  Do you have any idea how much an accounting firm will charge a small business to "review your data"?

  • Bank Reconciliation Balance

    From the answer: Have you looked at the Reconciliation Descrepancy report (under Reports>Banking>Reconciliation Descripancy)?

  • How do you disable bank feeds on an account on QB Desktop???

    From the answer: @Numbers23   Deactivating Bank Feeds in QuickBooks desktop requires no transactions waiting to be added to that account.

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