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  • Handle an e-payment that has been rejected by the agency

    From the article: Problem The e-payment you have submitted in QuickBooks Desktop has been rejected by the agency.... Assumptions You have E-Pay set up in your QuickBooks Desktop and you just submitted an e-payment.

  • How to view legacy cases in SFDC

  • Desktop DIY: Fixing Medicare Additional Tax missing from Paychecks in current calendar year

    From the article: Overview This article is meant to solve for Medicare Addl Tax calculation error discovered in the same calendar year that wages were paid caused by the following: A high compensation employee was not setup for Medicare Addl Tax in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Change or recover forgotten/lost PIN for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted

    From the article: Overview Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) are your company's password for your Payroll Service.

  • How to set up the tax tracking type HSA Emp. (Taxable) for employee contributions to health savings accounts

    From the article: Overview This article describes how to set up a taxable HSA payroll item for employee contributions.... HSA Emp.

  • How to edit check or paycheck numbers

    From the article: Overview This article describes how to edit a check, or paycheck, number.... Expected Outcome You can change a check or paycheck number.

  • California Wage Plan Codes in QuickBooks

    From the article: The California Wage Plan Codes are supported in QuickBooks Desktop through the Payroll Setup feature.

  • Reasons IRS E-File/E-Payments Reject

    From the article: Overview In some instances you may experience issues when you try to e-file or e-pay with the IRS through QuickBooks Desktop.


    From the article: The QuickBooks End User License Agreement (EULA) is the legal agreement between you and Intuit.... It specifies details on your usage rights and your restrictions with QuickBooks as a property.

  • QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance page login help

    From the article: Overview My Account lets you manage your company's purchases, subscriptions, contact, payment and billing information, service requests and share these information with others in your organization all in one convenient location.

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