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  • How do I batch print invoices to pdf from Quickbooks Pro 2010 while maintaining a separate pdf file for each invoice?

    From the answer: In the US version there is a box on the bottom left labeled To be Printed- this starts generating a list of invoices to print.

  • What would be the journal entry to account for $2500 in food promo or food waste?

    From the answer: Those would be 2 separate types of entries, if you are tracking food waste you would need to create a "Food Waste" expense account and the entry would be Debit Food Waste expense, credit the Food Purchases expense account, this will reflect the waste

  • COGS for non-inventory item on P&L report?

    From the answer: you have to purchase the item to have cost posted to COGS, are you using the item on a purchase?

  • Open invoices but customers showing a balance of $0

    From the answer: If you have a payment not assigned to an invoice you should see the credit from receive payments.

  • My company file won't open

    From the answer: My 2013 won't let me open Quickbooks ever since I updated to Mac OS X.... I get a prompt to Reopen or Cancel Reopen.

  • How do I consolidate multiple invoices into one invoice to send to a customer?

    From the answer: Even if you save as a pdf you'll have 6 attachments.... Will a statement not work?... Edit: I take that back, set all the nvoices to be printed.

  • How to write off bad debts - QB Premier 2013

    From the answer: You need an item called bad debts set up as another charge type item.... the account is bad debt account expense account,and vat is standard vat code for 20%.

  • Gift cards to employees

    From the answer: The gift cards would be considered as Gifts and Award (non-cash and near-cash)  taxable benefits, and are not a bonus (neither are taxed at 45%), and would be subject to CPP, and source tax though not EI.

  • How do you print an active customers only report?

    From the answer: I found this and hope it is helpful....

  • How do I import bank statements in .ofx format into Quickbooks Pro 2014?

    From the answer: There are 3rd party apps to convert the file to a qbo file -- google it or try

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