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  • Resolve QuickBooks Desktop performance issues: Manage your computers

    From the article: Optimize your server and workstations to minimize performance issues in QuickBooks Desktop.... This article is Part 2 in a set of 3 articles regarding performance issues in QuickBooks.

  • Intuit Data Protect: Your session has expired

    From the article: If you encounter the message Your session has expired when trying to use Intuit Data Protect, you need to sign out of the application, and sign back in.

  • Record a payment for an invoice

    From the article: Learn how to record invoice payments in QuickBooks Desktop, including how to apply available invoice credits or discount.

  • Install multiple QuickBooks Desktop versions on one computer

    From the article: Learn the difference between version, edition, flavor, region and read some important notes to help you install multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop.

  • QuickBooks Email Login has changed

    From the article: We have changed the login process for QuickBooks Email.... To ensure secure and streamlined access across Intuit products, you are now prompted to use your Intuit account login to send email when using QuickBooks Email.

  • Merchants are encountering a blank page when attempting to order a GoPayment Mobile card reader

    From the article: When attempting to order a Mobile card reader from the GoPayment Mobile app and/or the Merchant Service Center website, you encounter a blank page.

  • Use User Account Control in Windows

    From the article: User Account Control (UAC) improves security for all users.... The main purpose of UAC is to protect the computer and reduce the exposure and attack surface of the operating system by basically starting with all users running in standard mode.

  • Cannot deactivate Bank Feeds for an account

    From the article: Perform these recommended troubleshooting steps if, after editing an account to deactivate online services, the Bank Feed Settings tab remains available and the lightning bolt continues to appear in your Chart of Accounts.

  • Resolve a Balance Sheet out of balance in Cash basis

    From the article: A balance sheet, regardless of report basis, should always have the amount of Total Asset equal to the sum of Total Liabilities and Total Equities.

  • Collect Bank Feeds log files

    From the article: The Bank Feeds logs record what happens during an online connection with your bank.... If the connection fails or an error is received, the logs can help pinpoint the failure.

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